Bardia actress Nicole Pastor's star is on the rise

Exciting times: Bardia actress Nicole Pastor has a slew of new projects under way and coming up which she can't wait for people to see. Picture: Simon Bennett
Exciting times: Bardia actress Nicole Pastor has a slew of new projects under way and coming up which she can't wait for people to see. Picture: Simon Bennett

It's been a big couple of years for Bardia's Nicole Pastor, and there's still more ahead.

The actress was recently involved in big screen film Ruby's Choice alongside Jane Seymour (Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) and Jacqueline McKenzie (Romper Stomper) and acted as the lead in a a trippy short horror from Aussie director Alex Proyas (The Crow) called Box.

Now she's got a slew of new titles in production and is so excited to be plying her craft with such a bevvy of talented filmmakers.

And, impressively, she's doing it all herself.

"I have had representation when I was starting out, however during the long periods of time where I had little or no incoming work I found that by approaching filmmakers, writers, directors myself - by reaching out to them - I was able to provide myself with a reasonable stream of initial work, even landing small roles," Pastor said.

"Eventually, you start to get noticed by filmmakers, probably for your perseverance, and I think that's how things have changed and shifted for me over the last few years.

"I've surrounded myself with some amazing people and brilliant filmmakers who are honest and tell you straight away if you're a good fit or not. I think that it was through this approach of putting myself out there that I started to get offers, really good offers."

On the agenda for Pastor are The Cost by Matthew Holmes, Christmess from Heath Davis, Fable (working title) from Jennifer van Gessel and Matt Norman's debut feature Shackle.

Patsor said she'd followed Holmes' work for years, and was "thrilled" to have the opportunity to play Stephanie in his upcoming revenge drama.

"He is such an actor's director, being so easy to work with," she said.

"He creates a safe space on set which is very refreshing. My character Stephanie is at the heart of hte story.

"I really got to use my acting chops in some very confronting and vulnerable scenes that were a challenge to film."

As lead Bronte, a travel blogger, in Fable, Pastor has the chance to reunite with director van Gessel.

The horror film will explores perceptions of lesbian relationships.

"I am really excited for the opportunity to work with Jennifer again, having previously worked together on Water Horse," she said.

"Fable holds great significance for me both personally and professionally. As an actor and someone who identifies as gay, I believe everyone needs to have their story told, and we need to tell more queer and same sex stories to bring diversity and authenticity to audiences.

"I definitely hit the jackpot with Fable as it embraces two of my favourite things - horror films and lesbians.

"I'd always be up for working on anything Jen writes as she is super talented and an amazing writer and close friend."

The details of Christmess are still being kept under wraps at this stage, but Pastor said Davis wrote "such truthful and honest and funny scripts" and she "can't wait to share more details about this in the coming weeks".

Finally, the actress will work alongside Steve Le Marquand, Pippa Grandison, Myles Pollard and more in Shackle, where she plays the lead role of Paula.

"I was blown away by the script and story and her character," Pastor said.

"I'm honoured and really looking forward to working with such a huge Aussie cast.

"While each of these roles are very different, they share characters who are complex and deal with themes of abandonment, injustice and revenge, and within these issues the importance of hope, family and friendship is developed."

Ruby's Choice is still in some cinemas now and Box can be streamed on Vidiverse.