How to stand out in the saturated market of Shopify

How to stand out in the saturated market of Shopify

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Shopify is the tool of choice for the modern day entrepreneur, making it a versatile and competitive landscape.

It has democratised business opportunities, especially in the retail world where everyone with internet access can embrace their ambitions and bring businesses to life.

Australia is one of Shopify's fastest growing markets, with over 10,000 businesses nationwide using the platform.

But with its ability to provide a platform for everyone, also comes the challenge of standing out in the crowd, and cutting through the noise. That's where Shopify SEO services come in handy.

Shopify has in-built analytical functions and basic SEO features that provide valuable data, but it's best used with the help of the experts.

There are multiple things businesses can do to rank higher in search engine results. The number of natural links pointing to your website from external sources, engagement factors, age of domain name and the way a website is structured, along with the content on the website, all play a role in optimisation.

A comprehensive SEO strategy devised by a reputable Shopify SEO service can yield the best results, but there are things that businesses can do themselves, to maintain their position in a competitive landscape.

What can businesses do to optimise their website for search engines?

SEO rankings depend on a range of factors, some of which are subject to long-term considerations and others which are quicker to take effect.

The age of your domain name and the authority of your website are both important deciding factors when it comes to search engine optimisation, but aren't something you can necessarily improve instantly. They take time to boost your visibility, but it's important to address them early.

On the other hand, keyword research and content marketing are great ways to proactively start boosting your SEO rankings, almost instantly.

Finding relevant keywords to your products and services, then incorporating them into your content strategy in the form of website copy and blogs can improve your Shopify website's visibility in a matter of weeks. Including them in descriptions, page titles and image alt text are best practices that also impact where your website sits within search results.

SEO tools can help you to understand the gaps in your content strategy and identify keyword opportunities that you might not already be pursuing. Keywords Everywhere is an extension that can help businesses understand the search volume, cost per click and competition of a keyword, and integrates as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

But for a comprehensive content strategy, First Page offers Shopify SEO services.

Why use professional Shopify SEO services?

Data is the driving force behind all marketing strategies, especially digital and SEO marketing. And while Shopify has some fantastic built-in functions that provide insights, it takes in depth experience to determine the best content strategy to pursue.

Digital marketing relies heavily upon trial and error, and the value of a marketing professional often lies within their time spent testing what approach works best. They have hard earned industry experience, allowing them to look deep into data and draw actionable findings.

First Page SEO services take a highly analytical approach, conducting a thorough website audit of your Shopify store, and then making recommendations. They implement a productive backlink profile, canonical URLs and collaborate with Google Analytics to help ecommerce businesses scale to be their most profitable.

Almost 40% of all ecommerce traffic, and 25% of all ecommerce sales originate from an organic search. For ecommerce businesses, especially those using the diverse platform of Shopify, investing resources into an SEO strategy is imperative, simply to avoid getting lost in the online space.

Partnering with an agency means that your business can capitalise off invaluable industry experience, staggering amounts of data and comprehensive testing results. First page offers free Shopify SEO quotes and is a Shopify partner.