Australia's best bloopers from COVID-19 press conferences

BEST IN BLOOPERS: We don't know what's going on in NSW and Queensland, but they've had their fair share of bloopers these past couple of months.
BEST IN BLOOPERS: We don't know what's going on in NSW and Queensland, but they've had their fair share of bloopers these past couple of months.

We've been watching daily COVID-19 press conferences from almost every state and territory for nearly two years now.

You'd think they'd be a well-oiled, choreographed machine by now, right? Wrong. It's a truth universally acknowledged that invariably, the unexpected will happen.

And when the unexpected does happen, luckily for us, it's not only captured on camera - it's televised live to the nation.

Here are a few of our favourite bloopers from the past couple of months in press conference:

It's just a drill

When the Queensland press conference on January 21 was interrupted by a mock evacuation, there wasn't too much that could be done but to wait until the situation passed.

Our most-valued player prize has to go to the Auslan interpreter here, who continues through it all, even playfully interpreting the automated evacuation message!

Give that man a standing ovation!

Say no to sleepovers

You really have to feel for NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant. She's had very few days off during this whole two-year ordeal.

So, absolutely we can forgive her for a couple of verbal missteps throughout that time.

But, in saying that, her attempts to define 'close contacts' as those "boyfriends or girlfriends or partners that sleepover" and her advice to avoid "vigorously dancing" with strangers, is nothing short of cringe.

So cringe, we can't stop watching it on repeat.

Wheelie good show

Perhaps the best thing about this is that no-one notices the show that's going on behind them right now.

It's all very important stuff that we're talking about, but honestly, could we have a few more wheelies in press conferences?

That would certainly liven things up a bit.


Spider invasion

Queensland's Yvette D'Ath is a woman that is cool under pressure.

She's not only dealing with a pandemic, she's also fending off huntsman spiders during her press conference.

We can only assume the spider is looking for a turn on the mic. He has a very important announcement.

Talking the talk

While Dr Kerry Chant has treated us to a few cringe moments (see above) this one, we feel, is a little more on the endearing side.

In defining close contact rules, the NSW Chief Health Officer advises residents should be careful who they "hang with".

As soon as the words left her mouth, however, Dr Chant chastises herself for apparently trying to talk cool.

"A middle aged person should never use that language", she says as much to herself as to the gathered media around her.

It's been a big couple of years, Dr Chant you can use whatever language you feel is appropriate in the situation. We won't judge you. We'll just put you in our growing list of bloopers. You're welcome.

Hello helicopter

Hosting an open-air press conference in front of a hospital makes perfect sense.

The backdrop is suitable to the topic at hand and the outdoors is COVID-safe.

But, you run the risk of interference. In this case, from one of the hospital's mid-flight helicopter.

While outside Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney on January 24, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard was forced to take a more-than-two-minute intermission while an emergency helicopter took off behind him.

It's like they say, health emergencies wait for no minister.

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