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Outback Secrets. Picture: HarperCollins

Outback Secrets. Picture: HarperCollins

It's the classic tale: a pretend romance grows into something more.

And it's a classic for a reason - people can't get enough.

That's the very situation the characters in Rachael Johns' latest novel Outback Secrets find themselves in - and Australian Community Media has seven copies to give away thanks to HarperCollins.

Publican Liam Castle knows everyone's secrets in his small town of Bunyip Bay (thanks to his job), but no one knows the tragic secrets he's harbouring (and that suits him just fine).

Meanwhile agricultural pilot Henrietta Forward loves her job more than anything else, and has no time for romance - despite the protestations and meddling from her mother.

So when Liam agrees to lend a hand and play along with a pretend romance, it seems like the perfect solution - but will it develop into something more, or will the pair's individual demons prove too great a barrier?

Johns has already written several books set in Bunyip Bay, and knew it was time to give the public his own story after his previous appearance.

Author Rachael Johns

Author Rachael Johns

"This series has been so much more popular than I could ever have imagined when I wrote the first three books, and readers keep requesting more," she said.

"I like to give my readers what they want... and decided maybe it was time to give [Liam] his own story.

"I love reading and writing books set in pubs, so this was also a fun aspect."

Johns said she lived the mix of colourful characters that could be found in small towns like Bunyip Bay and the way they always pulled together in times of crisis or celebration.

She hopes her readers love poring through Outback Secrets as much as she loved crafting it.

"There's juicy secrets, a bit of mystery, lots of laughs, banter and sparks between the main characters, local gossip, a few tears and a lot of heart," Johns said.

"Outback Secrets has something for all readers - one reader said that reading it was like being given a big hug.

"I hope Outback Secrets will give them a fun escape from everyday life and that they will laugh (and perhaps cry) along with my characters. I hope they will feel at home in Bunyip Bay and that the people they read about will feel like old friends."

Australian Community Media has seven copies of Rachael Johns' Outback Secrets to give away, thanks to our friends at HarperCollins.

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