3 ways to improve customer engagement in 2021

3 ways to improve customer engagement in 2021

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Customer engagement is all about captivating customers so that business organisations can build a unique relationship with them. All businesses should take customer engagement seriously. That's because 66% of customers expect brands to understand and address their unique needs. (1)

Customer engagement is crucial for companies that are scaling their business operations and offerings and adding more people to their customer base. And to make real and lasting relationships or connections with clients, business owners need more than the standard customer engagement.

How's your customer engagement strategy keeping up?

So, how established is your customer engagement strategy? Are you listening to your clients? Is your customer engagement tactic focused on addressing client needs based on what they share with you?

Fortunately, it's easier now than ever to give customers a compelling reason to continue using your product or patronizing your service. This is all thanks to the vast number of tools available to business organizations that allow them to serve their clients better.

For instance, companies can now use click to call software that gives them the power to call prospects and customers easily and records calls automatically. It provides users with the ability to analyze every conversation and, thus, spot customer preferences and needs and address their problems. Another useful tool is a customer relationship management (CRM) system where businesses can manage all their interactions and relationships with potential and existing clients.

But, if you're unsure whether or not your current customer engagement strategy works or is enough to improve your brand's relationships with your customers, keep reading to learn some of the ways to improve customer engagement this year and beyond.

1 - Strategizing customer engagement through data analytics

While 'content is king' still stands true today, savvy marketers know that data is really the king in the current digital marketing landscape. Why? Because it informs businesses in everything they do, especially in understanding customers.

That's why if you want to improve customer engagement, it's vital to keep your company up to date with client feedback and how customers respond to any changes in your business processes or offerings. For instance, you might find that your clients want new features for whatever product or service you offer.

It could also be that your mailing list subscribers want more gamification elements in their newsletters. Either way, you would never have discovered your customers' pain points without analyzing data and tracking set metrics. It's no wonder why 53% of brands worldwide are already adopting big data into their overall business strategy. (2)

The good news is that most business software systems nowadays already capture, store, and report data automatically. It means that business owners will have the analytics organized for them in a clear, easy-to-read format. Basically, it's just up to you how you'll leverage data into your customer engagement strategy.

2 - Prioritizing personalization in your content and in communicating with customers

Data analytics can also help brands personalize the way they communicate with their clients. Who doesn't want to be recognised as an individual or a person with unique experiences, traits, and desires? Surely, your customers will appreciate it when you remember not only their names but also their choices.

That's why personalisation improves customer's experience and increases client loyalty. It even helps drive sales, considering that 80% of consumers are actually more likely to spend money on something when offered a personalised experience. (3)

Think about the various ways your brand can tailor business processes for customers. For example, you can provide special offers to your clients based on their interaction and purchase history with your company or their shown interests. Doing so increases customer satisfaction and drives customer loyalty. The more you do things the way your clients would want them to be done, the more they'll be engaged.

It's essential to note that personalisation is also one of the reasons you need data analytics. By getting feedback from your consumers on what they don't like and the things they would like to see more of from you, you can touch on their pain points and engage them better.

3 - Providing cross-channel engagement opportunities

It's also essential to share the right content in real-time across all customer touchpoints if you want to drive customer action and build customer loyalty. To do it, you have to provide cross-channel engagement opportunities to your clients.

For example, ensure that your email copy or social media posts are linked to what's written in your company blog. After all, consumers today rarely interact through one specific channel solely.

Multi-platform communication allows you to meet customers where they are online and tap into the communication channels that facilitate conversation most effectively. That's how it optimizes engagement along the way.

Final Thoughts

It's essential to discover customer pain points and maximize customer interaction if you want to improve customer engagement in your business in 2021 and beyond. The customer engagement methods mentioned and discussed above can help you do just that.

So, start embracing big data now and use analytics to prioritize personalisation in your business. Of course, don't forget to engage customers across different channels for a more effective conversation.


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