What's new to streaming: Chapelwaite, Snowfall and The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

FAMILY CURSE: Adrien Brody and Emily Hampshire, above, with Sirena Gulamgaus, Jennifer Ens and Ian Ho in Chapelwaite.

FAMILY CURSE: Adrien Brody and Emily Hampshire, above, with Sirena Gulamgaus, Jennifer Ens and Ian Ho in Chapelwaite.

Chapelwaite (MA 15+)


Captain Charles Boone (Adrien Brody) and his three children move to his ancestral home - Chapelwaite - in Maine following his wife's death at sea. From the moment they arrive they are shunned by all but one of the residents of Preacher's Corners: an aspiring writer (Emily Hampshire) who becomes the children's nanny and moves in to the house.

She becomes fascinated by its secrets and feverishly writes about her experiences each and every night.

The Boone family and Chapelwaite are blamed for every illness or failed crop by the pious townsfolk and Captain Boone's return indeed coincides with some strange and deadly happenings.

As he uncovers horrors in his family history, Boone discovers an evil lurking in the house and fears he will fall victim to the family "curse", as did his predecessors.

Based on Stephen King's 1978 novella Jerusalem's Lot, this slow-burner sucks you in from the very first episode and has you wanting more. Episodes one to four are available to stream on Stan now, with further episodes being released on September 12.

It's creepy and atmospheric and the cast and costumes are top shelf.


Apple TV

All four seasons of this remarkable series (which premiered in 2017) are now on Apple TV. You know what that means? You can binge to your heart's content - and believe me, you will.

Set in 1983, Snowfall is a hard-hitting, unflinching drama inspired by the early crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. The story follows numerous characters on a violent collision course, including a young street entrepreneur played brilliantly by Damson Idris, a Mexican wrestler caught in a struggle within a crime family, a CIA operative running from a dark past, and the daughter of a Mexican crime lord.

As the drug takes hold of people's lives the ugly reality of addiction is well and truly exposed and family ties are stretched to breaking point. And then there's the government connection.

A fifth season is (thankfully) in production.

The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals: Season 2

Netflix, premieres September 14

It hurt me to do it, but I watched season one of this travel series in June. It hurt because I watched it knowing that I wouldn't be visiting any of the weird and wonderful holiday destinations reviewed by Megan Batoon, Jo Franco and Luis D. Ortiz any time soon.

It's not surprising that Netflix has fast-tracked season two of this series. Living vicariously through others having the times of their lives is about all the entertainment we have right now in locked-down Australia.

In season one the trio did a good job of toning down any "you wish you had my job" vibes as they travelled from one amazing destination to the next.

The show is actually quite informative. Each host has a different budget, wish list, and preference when it comes to a holiday destination.

A treehouse in Bali, an architect-designed snake-shaped apartment in Mexico City and a natural cave lodge in the Ozarks were highlights of season one, for me.


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