What happens when the lines between celebrity and fan are blurred?


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In the era where people become famous for essentially sharing their lives on social media, it's no surprise that makes the fanatic even more dangerous.

The first episode of this show looks at several internet celebs and how the line between them and their fans have become blurred.

Because some of them hang together at the same house and show that in their posts, fans think it's perfectly okay to climb the fences and wander around the property.

Some even see nothing wrong with entering the house, filming themselves and then posting it online.

Such is the nature of internet fame - if you interact with your fans online, they think they can interact with you. Even in your lounge room.

This episode focuses on YouTuber Social Repose, who had a fan track him down to his house - though he did post directions that helped her a bit.

When he declined to let her into the house - a completely understandable response - she was not happy and later took drastic action. It's a clear sign of how dangerous it can be when you blur the lines between celebrity and fan.


ABC, Sunday, 7.40pm

David Attenborough would have to be one very lucky man.

Think about it - he's been doing wildlife documentaries in one form or another since 1957. In that time, you'd imagine that he's seen every animal and every country in the world.

That coupled with the fact that he's 95 is enough justification for him to say "Jeez, I can't keep going to the same countries and doing the same things over and over again. I'm going to put my feet up and watch Netflix."

Or a book. I feel like Sir David would pick a book over a streaming service any day.

And yet he's still out there, travelling the world, looking at animals, and talking in that breathlessly fascinated tone of his.

It's clear he absolutely loves what he's doing - and for that he is a lucky man.

How many of us would be still keen to be doing our job at 95 years old?

Anyway, there's some good stuff in this episode - I even learned a few things.

Like, for instance, fish aren't quiet creatures - they actually make noises. Who knew?


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To be honest with you, I'm really struggling with the need for this show to exist.

I get it from the network's point of view - it's cheap to make. The show gathers "famous faces" (yes, I use that term sarcastically) from the last three generations and shows old file footage and asks which generation is the best at whatever the subject is.

The network would have to pay the people to appear - and some of them are so unknown they would have done if for about $6.50 - but that would be the major cost.

Of course, each generation says they're the best. Which would be okay if they were funny while they're doing it.

But they're not - which makes the show pretty pointless.

So which is the funniest generation? On the basis of this show, none of them are.


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