Campbelltown's International Games Week event is shaping up well

Dungeons and Dragons. Picture: Chris Lane

Dungeons and Dragons. Picture: Chris Lane

Nerds unite - Campbelltown Council is organising an event just for you.

Fans of tabletop games will be in their element later this year when the council hosts its International Games Week event in November this year, running competitions in a variety of different popular games.

International Games Week is a worldwide library initiative, and thanks to the engagement of councillors, this year popular activities like chess, Dungeons and Dragons and Catan will be included in the schedule.

Running from November 7-13, International Games Week 2021 in Campbelltown will support a focus on Australian and independent tabletop board games, Catan workshops and sessions, Dungeons and Dragons sessions with a focus on women and more.

Campbelltown Council's report stated "the Library has researched Australian and independent content and has purchased a number of titles that would be appropriate to included in the program".

The full International Games Week program will be available in September.

Councillor Rey Manoto, who requested the council promote chess and Catan in a motion earlier this year, thanked the council staff for their diligence in planning a wonderful event for residents.

"I didn't realise this was going to happen this year, and hopefully with COVID restrictions we can be organising a chess tournament and Catan in International Games Week," he said at the most recent council meeting.

"Thank you very much."

Councillor Ben Moroney, who requested an update on Games Week planning in May, was also thankful.

"I'm very happy with the way this has all been incorporated," Cr Moroney said.

"Thanks to the staff - hopefully with Dungeons and Dragons we can also be making sure we're exposing people to new and more interesting games.

"Getting D+D out in the community will be great and what I intended."

Councillor Ben Gilholme said it was fantastic to see the council exploring new gaming opportunities.

"As an avid nerd, I'm very pleased to see a lot more to the program when it comes to International Games Week," he said.

"Particularly broadening horizons to include such quality games out there: new, old and some very unique as well."