Campbelltown's Chill Fest officially cancelled

Campbelltown's Chill Fest officially cancelled

In unfortunate, but unsurprising, news, Campbelltown Council has announced the highly-anticipated Chill Fest will not be going ahead this year.

The council released a statement this afternoon citing the "ongoing COVID-19 developments across NSW, the impact of current restrictions and the safety of [the Campbelltown] community" as the reasons for the winter festivals cancellation.

Chill Fest 2021 was set to kick off late last month at Koshigaya Park, offering wintry rides, tasty treats and plenty of photo opportunities.

The council had originally delayed the opening of the festival with the hope that the latest outbreak would be controlled, but had to make the hard decision to cancel after positive case numbers have continued to grow.

Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic said it was necessary to call off the event to ensure ongoing public safety.

"We know how excited people were for this year's Chill Fest, and the tireless efforts that went into organising this year's festival behind the scenes", he said.

"It's with great sadness we cancel the event, but the safety of our local community is of utmost importance during this time."

Campbelltown Council thanked Chill Fest operator Joylands Amusements for their work in proactively responding to the changing restrictions in recent weeks.

The council is looking forward to working with Joylands again in future to bring the festival back.

It is expected Chill Fest will return in 2022.

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