Star Wars short film made in Macarthur

When filmmaker Richard de Carvalho decided to make a Star Wars short fan film, he wanted to make it in a galaxy not-so-far away.

The Camden resident was on the hunt for sunburnt landscapes and managed to find the perfect properties in Picton and Camden.

Mr de Carvalho said finding rural land within travelling distance of Sydney was rare.

"We wanted it to look alien but distinctly Australian too," he said.

"I wanted to capture that sunburnt look and it was amazing to find it in our own backyard.

"Mad Max is one of my favourite films and I really wanted to film in Broken Hill but it would have been difficult to do logistically so we started scouting around Sydney but finding rural landscapes that didn't have telegraph poles or wires in the background was difficult.

"I was scouting locations and we came across these amazing parcels of land in Picton and Camden."

Mr de Carvalho said the land owners were gracious enough to have to their properties transformed into a planet straight out of the Star Wars universe.

"We were so blessed with these guys - we kept asking them what we could do for them and they'd just tell us to buy them a beer," he said.

"They were really great and we can't thank them enough."

The Star Wars-inspired production, A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story, opens up on a crashed imperial shuttle with two alien bounty hunters searching the wreckage for the same item.

"They soon discover that they aren't the only people in the universe looking for it," Mr de Carvalho said.

"It's definitely a space western."

The talented filmmaker said his love of Star Wars began in high school.

"I had floated this idea for a long time - it was one of those ideas that you bring up at parties and it would always spark an interest with people," he said.

"So when I finally decided to put pen to paper it became a journey in itself."

The film has been selected in more than 10 film festivals worldwide, including a Special Selection as part of the Australian Showcase at Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival.

A Blaster In The Right Hands has also garnered more than 10 nominations and won four awards, including Best Fan Film, Best Sci-Fi and Best VFX (Visual Effects).

Mr de Carvalho said it was 'amazing' to create a film that resonated with star Wars fans.

"It's amazing when we get feedback that people think the film is genuine, authentic and cannon," he said.

"We've just come back from Supernova in Melbourne and it was amazing seeing the kids faces.

"They just couldn't believe a Star Wars movie could be made in Australia."

A Blaster In The Right Hands: A Star Wars Story will be available on Youtube from May 31.