Campbelltown Matters with Greg Warren: Frustration over paid parking

There have been a lot of NSW Government decisions that have left Campbelltown residents frustrated and angry in the last 10 years.

Closing the Campbelltown RMS office, cutting direct train services to Parramatta and breaking the promise to build 450 new commuter car parks at Campbelltown Train Station have all gone down like a lead balloon with our community.

But the decision to introduce paid parking at Campbelltown Hospital tops them all.

The anger and bewilderment on the faces of hospital staff who rallied against the changes recently was beyond any level I had ever witnessed.

You had to be there and talk to the staff to really understand the magnitude of their fury.

After all, it was those staff that had sacrificed their own safety and welfare over the past 18 months to protect us.

The number of calls to my office and the amount of people I have spoken to on the street about this disgrace is astronomical.

Simply - no one in our community thinks it is a good decision.

No one in our community believes patients and their loved ones should be forced to pay to park at the hospital.

No one believes the hard-working staff at Campbelltown Hospital should be $1200 worse off a year due to parking fees.

The only people who believe that this is a good idea and has merit are the NSW Liberals.

It speaks volumes of just how out of touch they are with Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region.

Profiteering off others misery or misfortune is as low and callous as it gets.

And it's a decision that this government will have never be able to escape.

Not even the great Shane Warne couldn't spin the situation into something positive.