Win tickets to upcoming Aussie movie June Again

Mother's Day is approaching, and there's a new movie that is sure to make Mum's day.

June Again, a new Australian film from director JJ Winlove, is the heartfelt dramedy mums will love - and Australian Community Media has 30 double passes to give away!

The film stars Noni Hazlehurst (Ladies in Black), Claudia Karvan (True History of the Kelly Gang) and Stephen Curry (The Cup) as a family finding their way back to one another.

Hazlehurst plays June, family matriarch, who has been living with dementia for five years, alienated from her family by her illness.

But one day the fog lifts, and she becomes lucid again - though doctors warn it will only be short-lived.

She finds her adult children Ginny (Karvan) and Devon (Curry) no longer speak, and their lives aren't the success stories she way hoping.

With limited time, but plenty of pluck, June sets about getting everybody and everything back on track - before it's too late.

Karvan told the Australian Community Media she knew she had to sign on as soon as she read the script.

"It was a slum dunk for me," she said. "The script was so powerful, it moved all of us and it was really funny.

"JJ Winlove, in his first feature film, set the perfect tone. It's obviously a film about a mother with dementia, but he came at it from a positive, funny, clever angle and it's a positive film even though it has a tricky subject matter."

Karvan said the cast and crew wanted people to leave the film "enjoy each other's company and cherish the people close to you".

She said she loved working opposite Hazlehurst and playing a different kind of role than she is usually offered.

Karvan said the filmed depicted "the pendulum swing of emotions" of the "intense relationships" in families.

"Even though it sometimes feels difficult, they're all there for each other," she said. "I think it's a really good film to enjoy with the family."

June Again was born from Winlove's fascination with memory.

"I've always been interested in memory, the power of memory and nostalgia, and how much of our lives we live through our memories," he said.

"I wondered what we'd be like if we lost our memory, and how lost we'd be without it."

The director, who has helmed a series of short films in the past but never a feature, said it was a great learning curve diving into June Again.

The film also features the on-screen talents of Nash Edgerton, Uli Latukefu, Wayne Blair and more.

June Again was shot in Sydney's North Shore over 20 days.

The film will be released Australia-wide on Thursday, May 6.

Australian Community Media has 30 in-season double passes for June Again to give away.

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