Macarthur performer shines in female-led campaign

A fresh new campaign highlighting 10 diverse Aussie women 'making moves' has found two of its stars in south-west Sydney.

The new 'Watch us Move' campaign from JD Sports and adidas called for female-identifying and non-binary collaborators united in challenging the status quo.

Campbelltown's Kilia Pahulu, a dancer and performer, and West Hoxton singer Jessica Jade are among the 10 wonderful women chosen for the campaign, which was directed by Chloe de Brito and photographed by Imogen Wilson.

Pahulu, who grew up in Macarthur but now lives in the inner west, said it felt "monumental" to be represented in the campaign from two global lifestyle brands.

"I've personally shared space with a few of the girls like Jessica Jade and A.GIRL at Street University, so I feel honoured to represent a place that has historically held space for us all," she said.

"I'm also proud of us for creating new milestones in our journey together."

Pahulu said she loved the whole process of shooting the campaign.

"A stand-out memory was feeling absolutely gorgeous on set," she said.

"Thanks to the hair and make-up artists, I was genuinely in awe of my shots because they made me feel the way I felt on the inside. I also thought the all-female cast and crew was super cool too."

"Being interviewed alongside the other nine women, I realised how much we have in common with each other. I hope that when people see two trans women up there they see that being women, we have very similar struggles."

Pahulu said there was still work to be done in welcoming trans women in the media landscape, but she thought the campaign was a step in the right direction.

"If the experiences of transgender women were normalised in Australian media, our society would see us all as individuals and understand how uniquely different our challenges are," she said.

"Diverse and authentic representation is wanting a better world for all women.

"My visibility is thanks to all the trans people before me who came out in a world that was less inclusive than today. Our visibility is not only liberating for us, but also for the people it needs to reach."

Jade has a similarly positive experience with the shoot.

"I feel so grateful to have been a part of the 'Watch Us Move' campaign," she said.

"It's been an honour to shoot among such inspiring women.

"The process of shooting is mostly a lot of sitting around and waiting, but that was definitely the best part, because we got to get to know each other and socialise."

She said she hoped other young girls found inspiration in the campaign.

"This campaign is important because we are the change that is happening right now in Sydney, Australia, we are the ones representing and pushing for females to live their dreams," she said.

"I hope that young girls in western Sydney and the south-west look at us and know that they can do whatever they put their mind to.

"[Diverse representation] is so important because especially in western Sydney, there isn't just one culture.

"We're from all different places in the world and that's what makes Australia so diverse."

Retail Marketing Executive Kate Asamoah said 'Watch Us Move' was "rooted in self-expression and honours how movement is uniquely embodied by each of these incredibly talented women".

"We witness how our heroes make their own moves, moving forward both physically and conceptually, exploring the formation of identity through style," she said.

"We're especially excited to share work that combines and elevates these female voices, as told through an exceptionally skilled creative and production team, who are also shaping the conversation from behind the scenes."

The campaign will be featured in JD Sports stores nationally.

The capsule of adidas "Raise Your Voice" styles worn throughout the creative showcases a carefully curated capsule of designs that dismiss stereotypical 'feminine' moulds and offering freedom, comfort and confidence for women no matter how they choose to make their move.