The Informer: Australia needs to gear up vaccine rollout

Time PM phones a few friends over vaccine rollout

Australia's coronavirus vaccine rollout has been plagued by issues so far.

From the European Union blocking a shipment of 250,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, to Australian GPs being left in the dark over the number of doses they would receive, failing to meet the vaccine rollout targets, and the Queensland and NSW premiers going toe-to-toe with the federal government after being accused of stockpiling vaccines.

Our nation is in an incredible position thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of the Australian people.

It wasn't easy to get where we are, but now we're in an enviable position when compared to many other countries battling third and fourth waves.

As citizens, we've done our bit and are ready to roll up our sleeves, but the federal government has so far been unable to get the vaccination program out of first gear.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was today asked if the handling of the vaccine program could contribute to hesitancy in people getting the jab, but he said he wasn't concerned there'd be any such impacts.

"All I've simply done today is set out very clearly that 3.1 million vaccines didn't arrive in Australia," he said.

"And I'm simply explaining to the Australian public that supply issues is what's constraining and has constrained, particularly over the recent months, the overall rollout of the vaccine."

Premier Gladys Berejiklian was so tired of the federal government's approach to the vaccine program that she wrote to the PM asking if NSW could take on more responsibility in the rollout.

Now a mass vaccination hub will be set up at Homebush in Sydney's inner west that can immunise up to 30,000 people a week - if NSW can secure sufficient vaccine supplies.

Ms Berejiklian on Wednesday announced plans to vaccinate 60,000 people a week through 100 pre-existing sites as well as the new hub.

Maybe it's time the federal government asks all states and territories to help with the vaccine rollout.

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