Glenfield couple celebrates 74th wedding anniversary

Joan and Ken Kingston first crossed paths at just 12 years old.

They grew up on the same street as children but it wasn't until they were 19 that they were reunited.

The loved up couple recently celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary at Whiddon Aged Care's Glenfield facility.

Mr Kingston said he would wait at Auburn train station sometimes to see Joan when her train got in.

She would wave to him, but didn't know that he was just there to see her.

He thought she was, "the prettiest girl in Australia and [he] knew what beauty was when [he] saw her".

Mr Kingston eventually asked her out and they'd go to their favourite beaches, Cronulla, Manly or Bondi, and to dances every Sunday and Thursday at the Lidcombe Parradance.

Mrs Kingston said she only knew a few dance moves so Mr Kingston happily taught her how to dance and they continued to love dancing together once they married.

They dated for a few years before Mr Kingston bought an engagement ring.

The Kingstons married on February 22, 1947. Mrs Kingston wore a lace and satin dress made by her mother.

They married at St Phillip's Church, Auburn and celebrated with a lovely reception before jetting off on their honeymoon to Blue Bay on the Central Coast.

Mrs Kingston, 96, said the highlights of their marriage have been their wedding day and the birth of their two children.

"You have to work on your marriage, it's all about give and take," she said.

Joan and Ken Kingston on their wedding day on February 22, 1947.

Joan and Ken Kingston on their wedding day on February 22, 1947.

"It's the little gestures that make a difference. We didn't overdo things."

Mr Kingston, 97, gave exactly the same advice and they both agreed that they has never argued much, they "just got along".

He said Joan was kind, caring and a great cook. The couple think "patience, love, kindness and being the best of friends" are their secrets to a happy and long marriage.

Mr Kingston said they always did everything together, which is important in making a happy marriage.

He said it was lovely to be together in aged care.

"It's wonderful," Mrs Kingston said.

"We spend time together every day and he picks me up from my room to take me to lunch and dinner.

"A resident once thought he was my boyfriend but I was happy to tell them he was my husband."

Whiddon Easton Park operations manager Sharon Fletcher said it was a privilege to help the adorable couple celebrate their special day.

"This is a very special milestone and our team arranged a morning tea with their friends here at Easton Park to recognise their anniversary," she said.

"It is important for our employees to be able to deliver special moments like this.

"Through relationship-based care, we get to know our residents really well so we can understand what's important to them, and this day was very special for them."