Camden netball coach scores top coaching accreditation

Stephanie Harrison and the C&DNA coaching co-ordinator Lyn Hahn. Picture: Supplied
Stephanie Harrison and the C&DNA coaching co-ordinator Lyn Hahn. Picture: Supplied

Camden and District Netball Association (C&DNA) coach Stephanie Harrison has added another impressive notch to her belt.

The busy teacher and mother of two has been coaching netball for the past 25 years.

Harrison has also spent the last four netball seasons guiding and nurturing, Camden's top division 3 Metro team.

Now the talented coach's hard work and dedication has paid off after received her Advanced Coaching Accreditation.

Harrison joins Lyn Hahn, the C&DNA coaching co-ordinator, as the only coaches to have achieved this accreditation in Camden

"It is always a pleasure to watch Stephanie coach," Hahn said.

"She is naturally positive and enthusiastic. She is a great communicator and always willing to help any coach.

"Steph is generous with her time and knowledge and always puts her hand up to help with any clinics for the association. Congratulations to Steph - she is an absolute asset to Camden."

This accreditation permits the participant to take up to two years as it has eight different theoretical sections, requiring the applicant to spend some time observing a different sport.

Harrison managed to complete the course in just 12 months.

In addition to coaching Metro league at Camden, Harrison is spending the summer coaching a Camden team in the Netball NSW Court Craft Summer Series Competition.

She is also coaching for Sydney Netball Academy.

When asked what advice she would yo give to up and coming coaches Harrison said, "Don't ever stop learning."

"It doesn't matter in what capacity, whether it is from another coach, online or formally through accreditation.

"I am really happy where I am at the moment. I am surrounded by great people and the space I am in is delivering great challenges"