Campbelltown Matters with Greg Warren MP: Roads need upgrades

Campbelltown Matters with Greg Warren MP: Roads need upgrades

As a former truckie who carted coal up and down Appin Road, I know first-hand how dangerous the notorious road can be.

What was once a quiet road is now a major connection linking the ever-expanding Macarthur and Illawarra regions.

The amount of traffic on Appin Road over the past 30-40 years has increased significantly - just like the risks to motorists.

Yet investment in the road at a state government level has been nowhere near satisfactory.

All previous governments - both Liberal and Labor - have dropped the ball regarding upgrades.

But the Berejiklian Government has had nine and a half years to break that pattern and has failed miserably.

All upgrades since 2011 have been largely cosmetic and have made next to no difference in terms of improving safety for motorists.

Dozens of lives have been lost over the past few decades yet that hasn't been enough to spark this government into action.

The developments in Gilead and Appin will continue to filter more traffic onto the dangerous road.

Prior to the last election, NSW Labor committed $100 million towards the upgrades of Appin Road.

The Berejiklian Government committed $0.

This is not a matter of politics, this is a matter of common sense.

As we have seen tragically seen on many occasions, it is also a matter of life and death.

The government is relying on developer contributions to fund the upgrades of the road - a plan that is quite frankly insulting to every resident in Macarthur and Illawarra who traverses the road on a regular basis.

For the sake of every motorist who uses the road, we need to see upgrades and we need to see them now.

The Berejiklian Government cannot ignore the needs of Macarthur and Illawarra residents any longer.