Macarthur product Nathan Cavaleri ready to release new music

Nathan Cavaleri is back with a new song and a new album.
Nathan Cavaleri is back with a new song and a new album.

Many Macarthur locals either grew up watching Nathan Cavaleri or watched him growing up on TV.

The talented Camden product appeared in TV shows and movies throughout the 90s including Paws, Baywatch, Hey, Hey It's Saturday! and Camp Nowhere.

Mr Cavaleri's guitar prowess also landed him a recording contract with Michael Jackson's record label at just 12 years old.

But it wasn't long before Mr Cavaleri would disappear from the music scene altogether.

"My new album was written at a time where I did not intend to return to the stage at all," he said.

"It was written during a really dark time where I pretty much took a step back from everything.

"The only thing I didn't step back from was songwriting because that was the only form of self-expression I had that didn't feel tied to career goals.

"It reminded me of how I used to make music as a kid."

Mr Cavaleri's new album Demons is due for release on August 6 and his new single Before You Check Out was released last week.

"I was inspired to write Before You Check Out after I lost my cousin to his own mental health challenges," he said.

"It is what I would have said to him if I had that chance with him again.

"I went for a walk one day and I was so deep in thought and suddenly I noticed this huge sunrise - it had always been there but I was just so deep in thought that I hadn't taken in how beautiful it was.

"So that's why the lyrics, 'before you check out, before you give in, just know that you're checking out of a place you've never been' mean so much to me."

Mr Cavaleri performed alongside Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and BB King as well as performing for Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise and on several American TV shows at the height of his young musical career.

He also battled childhood leukaemia and eventually reached remission.

After many years of performing and acting across the world Mr Cavaleri was diagnosed with severe fatigue that soon spiraled into depression.

Mr Cavaleri's battle with mental illness will be showcased on an episode of Australian Story on August 3.

"I have always been passionate about sharing my story because it is hard to find success stories about people who have made it to the other side of depression," he said.

"Every time I would find someone it would just light up my whole world because it would give me hope.

"If I wrote my life down on paper it seems strange to have felt the amount of dread that I felt and it took me a long time to realise that it wasn't about what was going on around me, it was about what was going on inside me."

The proud Macarthur local said growing up in Camden could be challenging at times.

"As a kid going to school and being on TV was tough because it sort of made me a target," Mr Cavaleri said.

"I had teachers who were very supportive and some who just did not like it all.

"It was tough but there was also just something about coming back home - it would ground me.

"When I'd see my friends they wouldn't want to talk about all that stuff so it was comforting to me as well."

Mr Cavaleri will also set off on a national tour to promote his new album later this year.

He encouraged locals to come and support him.

"The shows themselves are a bit of a contrast to the shows I did when I was younger when it was me and a band and it was loud," he said.

"These shows will be more raw, they'll still be electric but I like to weave stories of my life growing up in with the songs as well."

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