Council launches initiative to encourage koala protection

Campbelltown Council has launched an initiative designed help the region's precious koala populations thrive - and they need your help.

The Koalatown initiative asks locals to take actions which support living in harmony with our local koala population, believed to be about 300 furry friends.

They are also believed to be among the only chlamydia-free koala populations in the country.

Koalatown encourages residents, particularly those that live near bushland, to take 'meaningful actions' on their own properties and when driving on local roads in order to help the koalas flourish.

Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic said locals had always shown a passion and commitment to protecting local wildlife.

"Campbelltown has always been a place where koalas have lived and flourished and we want to ensure that it remains so in the future," he said.

"Many amazing people have researched and studied our local koalas over many years to provide us with the in-depth knowledge that we have today.

"It is important that as a community we work together to protect our precious koala colony.

"We know that across our townships are some of the most significant urban koala corridors in the state and we are investing resources to ensure their ongoing conservation and protection."

To mark Koalatown's launch, the council is offering residents free packs containing items like Koalatown dog leads to encourage responsible pet ownership in areas where koalas travel or live.

"Koalatown is about building community awareness about the simple actions that we, as residents, can take to help us live harmoniously alongside koalas and other wildlife," Cr Brticevic said.

"The nomadic nature of koalas means that they often share our backyards and our roads as they travel between and across the habitat corridors within our urban areas.

"More than 70 per cent of koalas presented to veterinarians have been attacked by dogs or struck by a vehicle.

"We want people to think about how simple changes in behaviour, such as driving carefully on the roads of keeping your dog on a lead near bushland, can help keep our koalas safe."

The council will hold a number of Koalatown-themed events and programs in the coming months.

These including increased social media activity to raise awareness of the work of carers and rescue organisations, and what residents can do to make their homes and suburbs safer for koalas.

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