Campbelltown matters with Greg Warren: Mixed reaction to lifting social restrictions

I have spoken to a lot of people and there have certainly been a lot of mixed feeling through the Campbelltown community regarding the easing of social distancing restrictions.

There are some who have welcomed the move - keen to get back to some sort of normality and to kick start an economy that has taken a battering in the past few months.

While there are others who are understandably sceptical - fearful the easing of social distancing restrictions will lead to a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases.

I empathise with both views.

These really are unprecedented times.

Many of us fear for our future and the future of our loved ones.

We know the virus has not been eradicated so that threat is never far from our thoughts.

Most of us also know someone that has either lost their job, been stood down or had their working hours each week slashed due to the virus.

There is no doubt job prospect concerns are also weighing heavily on our minds at the moment.

However, one thing that is certain is that - regardless of the level of restrictions - we all must remain hyper-vigilant and take every precaution we can to not just keep ourselves safe, but also everyone else.

We know this virus spreads like wildfire.

One person's mistakes or carelessness can place the health and wellbeing of many others at risk.

No one wants to see a spike in cases.

No one wants to see more lives unnecessarily claimed by this ruthless, deadly virus.

No one wants to see more loved ones be laid off or stood down from their place of employment.

It's in all our of our best interests to do the right thing and stop the spread.