Camden and District Netball Association parade of clubs cancelled

For the first time in 56 years the Camden and District Netball Association has been forced to cancel its annual parade of clubs.

The popular event, which kicks of the netball season, was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

Association president Anthony Plater sent an address out to members about the cancellation.

"We are experiencing an unprecedented level of disruption to our lives in ways that we could never have imagined," he said.

"Drought, catastrophic bushfires, severe pollution levels and floods have challenged us all over the previous six months.

"Now for the first time in our 56 year history, we have had to delay the start of our netball season as we deal with the worldwide pandemic of the COVID-19 virus."

Mr Plater said managing the outcomes of the COVID-19 virus and the potential risk to members and the wider community would be too difficult for the season to go ahead safely.

"The action we have taken, whilst aligned with the advice provided by Netball NSW was, we felt in the best interest of everyone in the netball community of Camden," he said.

"There are many unknowns about the virus and with our own limited knowledge, we needed to ensure that any risk was eliminated rather than mitigated.

"We all felt strongly that not proceeding with the competition was an obvious decision, however we needed to include activities like training and the use of the clubhouse as well.

"I, and the Camden Netball executive very much appreciate everyone's support from this decision.

"It means so much for us to know that we have the backing from the membership of the association when these tough decisions are made."

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