Random acts of kindness praised as coronavirus impacts communities

Hamish Flanagan helped a woman in need at Woolworths in the ACT. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong
Hamish Flanagan helped a woman in need at Woolworths in the ACT. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

There is no doubt that the coronavirus panic is leaving people across Australia with an impending sense of doom - but there have been several shining examples that every cloud has a silver lining.

Many locals took the time to share their random acts of kindness with Australian Community Media via social media, proving that there are plenty of reasons to smile even during a pandemic.

Here are some of the acts of kindness sent to us by readers:

Aimee Oake, Camden:

"My name is Aimee and I wanted to let you know of the kindness I received today. I went into Camden Woolies to see if I could get some toilet paper wipes and spray and wipe. I picked up two packets of wipes and proceeded to the self-service when I scanned my wipes it came up "limit 1 per customer see staff" I had been having an awful week and all this has gotten the better of me and I just cried. I thanked the Woolies staff member for her help and went on my way. I got back to work and my next customer asked if I was ok, I looked a bit upset, so I told her my story and I said things could be worse and there are a lot of others without so I'll just wait and go back another time. I asked how she was and if I could help her with anything bit, she insisted she was good. That lovely lady returned 45 minutes later with a packet of wipes for me and said this is my good deed for the day and I with tears in my eyes thanked her and promised to pay it forward. Times are tough spread the love and pay it forward."

Kirrie Winder, Menai:

"I was in Menai Woolworths this morning buying some staples for my son. The cashier rejected four tins of corn, chickpeas etc. as I had bought 2 of each. A lovely young mum behind me offered to put these items through with her groceries and then wanted to pay it forward and pay for them! I was overwhelmed by this generosity in these trying times. I insisted on giving her the $ to buy a coffee, but the gesture was wonderful and has made my day."

Barbara Wright, Liverpool:

"On Sunday week outside Valley Plaza, a lady gave me two rolls of toilet paper and insisted on a third in a Woollies bag and would take no money. Really eased my mind until my daughter got some later in the week for me."

Jackie Petrovski, Liverpool:

"With prices rising, people can no longer afford to buy everyday necessities. Today, my co-worker and I were reduced to tears that this lovely lady simply didn't have enough money. As the store owner, I chased after her and told her she could have the item for whatever she could give me. Her gratitude, was priceless. I said to her, don't worry, we all need to help each other and I was quite happy with her returning to our store to purchase again at another time."

Annemarie West, Camden:

"I have a newborn and use both the wet wipes and dry wipes (as nappy liners) and wasn't able to purchase both, only one or the other. A gentleman in line behind me offered to put them through with his groceries so we could get both, its such a small gesture but I actually cried with gratitude (let's blame the hormones )"

Sally Groat, Sutherland:

"My 80 yr old Neighbour always checking if we need anything as we are in self-isolation "

Recycle for a Cause Aus, St George:

"I was in Woolies today to buy just one packet of brown lunch bags and a lady let me go through the checkout before her full trolley. Luv is all around us!! "

Jennifer MacAlpine, Rockdale:

"I was at Woolies at Rockdale Plaza on Sunday and while I was there they were releasing toilet rolls (20 pack) and tissues while I was there which I manage to get but not needing the toilet rolls myself, I gave them to a friend who has an elderly neighbour that needed them. The tissues I kept for myself as I am a hayfever sufferer. It is timing when you can get these things but the shops now how changed their limit on a lot of the more in-demand items to 2 now. I just wish I could get just another pack of wipes and Glen 20."

Michael Norris, Camden:

"My daughter & friend hand-delivered toilet paper to a seniors door great service from the young generation. Very proud."

Kellie Kama, Sutherland: "I used the last of my petrol yesterday to drop a lady some tissues I had been saving for my family of 9! I had been saving them in case we were desperate for toilet paper, but this lady seemed like she needed them more than we did so I didn't think twice!!"

Vanessa Marie, Engadine:

"I overheard an elderly gentleman in Engadine today telling a lady that the man behind him stepped in and paid his $32.00 cafe bill. He was so surprised and grateful. Was beautiful."

Kim Balajan, Camden:

"I was at Aldi with a friend and this lovely lady we were talking to as we were leaving she came up to us and said this is for you two ladies it was toilet paper I couldn't believe it there are good people in the world. Just want to say thank you."

Kate Delavere, Sutherland:

"Gave my packet of toilet paper to an elderly couple."

Linda Greenwood, Sutherland:

"My neighbours had given me some of their paper towel and liquid soap which were not on the shelves when I did my weekly shop it was very kind of them."

Mirnes Emina Dzejlan Topalovic, Fairfield:

"Today I was waiting in queue for chicken and an elderly women came after me and waiting. As I saw the chicken getting sold out and it was my turn I told her to go in front of me and get served before me and any other people."

Send us your story for your chance to be featured in this list - and spread a little positivity at the same time.

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