Exotic, illegal snake found on Austral property

Two exotic and illegal snakes have been captured in the Macarthur and Liverpool regions in recent weeks.

Reptile Relocation Sydney were called to a property at Austral last night after the residents spotted a large in snake in their paddock.

The snake catching company posted on Facebook that they rushed out to the scene after noticing that the snake in the photo was not native to Australia.

"No result last night so we woke up early and got back out on site to resume our search of the property," the post said.

"After around an hour we uncovered this red-tailed boa constrictor under a big tree overgrown in grass.

"Unfortunately this isn't the same snake that was reported and we will be searching again for the original snake we went looking for.

"This big snake is well-fed and has obviously been someone's pet - and I assume it has been dumped .

"These snakes are non native to Australia and are illegal to keep."

Boa constrictors are considered to be one of the world's largest snake species and can grow up to three metres in length.

The reptiles are not poisonous, but they bite and strangle their prey.

Boa constrictors cannot be kept as pets in NSW - they can only be kept in zoos.

The NSW Government believes the species presents a 'serious' threat to native wildlife as it is already considered a pest in locations such as Dade County, Florida and Cozumel Island, Mexico.

Reptile Relocation Sydney said the boa constrictor was the second exotic species they had captured this week.

"We also got a corn snake earlier in the week at [St Helens Park Public School]," the Facebook post said.

The adult American corn snake is among the top 10 non-native pest animals listed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) as it is one of the most unwanted exotic pests.

Corn snakes are illegal to keep in Australia outside of a zoo as they cause substantial damage by disrupting ecosystems, introducing diseases, preying on native animals and competing with them for limited food resources.

The corn snake is a successful invasive species and non-native populations of corn snake have established in the Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas.

Reptile Relocation Sydney can be reached via 0455 570 000.