Macarthur snow sculptor turns hands to sand carving

Anne Marie Taberdo went from sub-zero temperatures in Japan to a balmy 30-degree Gold Coast on her latest adventure.

The Blair Athol resident recently competed in the Australian Sand Sculpting Championship in Queensland.

Ms Taberdo created a fairy tale-inspired sculpture made entirely from sand.

The competition was held over three days and involved 15 of world's best sculptors.

Ms Taberdo said sand was easier to work with than ice or snow.

"Ice is a lot harder because the material is harder and you are working with potentially dangerous tools like angle grinders," she said.

"When we competed in Japan it was minus 10 degrees but competing on the Gold Coast it was 30 degrees.

"The materials all have their own characteristics - like with ice it is clear so people will see right through the design whereas snow and sand are much more solid, so they all require a lot of thinking into what you would create."

The theme of this year's championship was fairy tales - and Ms Taberdo already knew which one she would like to portray.

"I chose Little Red Riding Hood right away," she said.

"I just love that story of a curious little girl who wants to help her grandmother but stumbles into danger along the way.

"I have loved it since I was young."

Talented: Anne Marie Taberdo with an ice sculpture she made in Germany in November.

Talented: Anne Marie Taberdo with an ice sculpture she made in Germany in November.

Ms Taberdo first got into ice-sculpting when she saw an exhibition in Belgium while on holiday with her brother in 2012.

But it wasn't until 2018 that the talented artist turned her hand to competitive sand sculpting.

I love my work because it takes me all over the world," she said.

"I get to meet other sculptors as well which is one of the best parts."

While Ms Taberdo didn't place in this year's championship, she said she still felt like a winner.

"I did better than I did last year so I am proud of that," she said.

"I am one of the youngest sand sculptors out there so be there amongst the best is an honour.

"I felt very lucky to compete in the Australian Championships this year."