MP calls for better public transport options in Macarthur

Macarthur commuters know just how difficult it can be to find parking at the region's train stations during in peak hour.

Now Campbelltown MP and opposition spokesman for Western Sydney Greg Warren has demanded the government urgently formulate, publicly release and deliver a public transport strategy for the entire Macarthur region.

Mr Warren said train services were "already grossly inadequate and predictably unreliable, while finding a commuter car park at a train station is near impossible after 7am".

"Public transport in Campbelltown is appalling now so I fear what it will be like in 2036 if no strategy is formulated and delivered," he said.

"The people of Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region deserve to be informed of any plans regarding local public transport in the future - it's the least this incompetent Liberal government can do."

The state government has also left residents in new estates like Macarthur Heights stranded due to a lack of public transport options.

The population of the Macarthur region in 2036 is predicted to exceed 600,000 - double the 2016 population of the region.

Mr Warren said residents in the rapidly expanding region deserved to know that their public transport needs would be met in the future.

"The state of public transport currently in the entire Macarthur region - in particular Campbelltown - can only be described as dire," he said.

"Trains are predictably unreliable and the oldest trains on the Sydney network are often deployed on the T8 line while those in Sydney's north ride on the newest trains."

Mr Warren has also written to Camden MP Peter Sidgreaves and Wollondilly MP Nathaniel Smith calling on them to support calls for a regional public transport strategy.

"Public transport patronage in 2018/19 in NSW significantly exceed Transport for NSW's 2031 forecast," he said.

"University of Technology transport expert Matthew Hounsell summed the government's transport strategy up perfectly when he said 'there is no plan to deal with this level of growth'.

"Mr Hounsell, alarmingly but not surprisingly, is spot on.

"This government should stop thinking about its short-term political future and focus on the long-term needs of residents in Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur for once.

"I hope the member for Camden and the member for Wollondilly will support my call for a public transport strategy."

Community campaigner Michael Andjelkovic said urgent action needed to be taken at Leppington Station.

"In the almost two years that I have been campaigning for more parking, I have never seen so many cars parked on Byron Road, Rickard Road and Bringelly Road - right past Leppington Primary School," he said.

"The way things are going, by the time the NSW Government delivers its promised 1000 extracar parking spaces at Leppington Station, we will need even more parking at Leppington."

Mr Andjelkovic has launched an online petition in the hopes of speeding up the process.

He hopes the south west rail link from Leppington to the future Badgery's Creek airport will be built as soon as possible to relieve some of the pressure on Edmondson Park and Leppington Stations.

"Commuters at Leppington Station have been supportive of the petition with over 300 signatures collected in just two days, but we are a long way short of the 10,000 required to trigger a debate in parliament," he said.