Dingo Sanctuary Bargo forced to release animals due to bushfire threat

Sanctuary releases dingoes due to fire threat at Bargo

UPDATE December 19 at 7.09pm: The Dingo Sanctuary Bargo has confirmed that 18 dingoes have been secured and moved to a safe location.

The community is urged to keep an eye out, but engage caution, as dingoes have been released from the Dingo Sanctuary Bargo.

A spokesperson for the sanctuary said that about 18 dingoes had been released due to the threat of fire.

They said sanctuary was relying on the public to help locate the animals so that could be secured in a safer environment.

The spokesperson said that many of the dingoes were timid and afraid of people and should be left alone.

However, they said one had a lead and was friendly.

People are reminded that if dingoes approach caution should be used as the animals will be very scared and disorientated.

If you can help or sight any of the dingoes please call the sanctuary's president and vice president Lucille on 0419 488 680 of Rebecca on 0408 889 137.

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