Budding Glen Alpine actress scores first role in a feature film

Eva Grados is only 12 years old but her star is already on the rise.

The Glen Alpine youngster scored her first lead role in the new Pinnacle Films movie A Second Chance: Rivals - the sequel to 2011's A Second Chance.

The Australian gymnastics movie follows gymnast Maddy Cornell (Edmily Morris), who experiences a serious fall at the peak of her gymnastics career.

Maddy's former coach convinces her to stay in the country and coach a squad of local gymnasts including talented Aboriginal girl, Alkira played by Eva Grados.

Eva said she was thrilled to be cast in the movie.

"A Second Chance is one of my favourite movies and I couldn't believe it when mum said I had an audition for it and then Clay Glen, our director, gave me the part," she said. "This is my first Australian feature film.

"I have also been on two children's programs, two short films and two television commercials - one for Colgate and one for Hyundai."

Eva said being on set was busy and exciting.

"There are so many people doing different things," she said.

"Sometimes we had to do a scene a few times over to get it just right.

"I was nervous when I arrived because I didn't know what to expect but after a few days I started to have a lot of fun."

The talented St John the Evangelist Catholic Parish Primary School student had never done gymnastics before stepping foot on the movie set.

"I only did the basics for the gymnastics, which was still very hard," Eva said.

"The acting part is the easy bit.

"I love pretending to be someone else and I am really good at remembering my lines."

Eva said she was proud to represent the Indigenous community.

"I was lucky to get to work with Natasha Wanganeen from A Rabbit Proof Fence, she was my on screen mum," she said.

"I am very proud to be a Wiradjuri descendent and I hope my family is proud of me too."

A Second Chance: Rivals hits select cinemas in NSW on September 28, 2019.