Elvis tribute show in Campbelltown next month

THE KING: Elvis Presley impersonator Justin Shandor is keen to entertain at Campbelltown Catholic Club's The Cube next month.

THE KING: Elvis Presley impersonator Justin Shandor is keen to entertain at Campbelltown Catholic Club's The Cube next month.

"It's a huge blessing to step inside Elvis's shoes and remind audiences of 'The King'."

That's the view of experienced musician Justin Shandor, who has impersonated Elvis Presley for close to 20 years.

Shandor will team up with fellow Presley impersonators Vic Trevino Jr and Ben Thompson to bring the Elvis - An American Trilogy show to Campbelltown on September 28.

Shandor said the Macarthur audience would be taken on an "emotional rollercoaster".

"People will be crying, dancing and screaming," he said. "It takes you through every emotion."

Elvis - An American Trilogy shows the three stages of Presley's career.

Trevino Jr will embody the rockabilly sound of a young Presley before Thompson recreates the iconic sound of his movie years - think GI Blues, Kid Gallahad and Speedway.

Shandor will then jump in The King's famous White Eagle jumpsuit and perform classic tunes from the 1970s.

Shandor said it was the first time he had been part of Elvis - An American Trilogy.

"I'm very excited to work with the other guys. The show is very well known in the US," he said.

"We will take you through Elvis's entire life - you get a lot of bang for your buck.

"I will close the show and take people back to the 70s and bring some nostalgia."

People will be crying, dancing and screaming. The show takes you through every emotion

Justin Shandor

Shandor's career as a Presley impersonator began almost 20 years ago.

He said he performed "nine shows a day" as a 16-year-old at the Elvis-A-Rama Museum in Navada, US.

Shandor said it was a challenge to impersonate Presley because he was "very unique".

"When you hear Elvis's voice, you know who it is immediately," he said.

"The character he carried was massive. Elvis had such a charisma, such a God-given charisma, that made people stop in their tracks."

When asked about his favourite Presley song, Shandor said he couldn't chose.

"I have a new favourite Elvis song every weekend, depending on my mood," he said. "He had something for everybody across many genres."

Shandor said he toured Australia "many times" and he was excited to come back.

"I love that Australians are probably even bigger fans than we are in America," he said. "It's great to see Elvis was loved so far away [from the US]."

Elvis - An American Trilogy will be performed at Campbelltown Catholic Club's The Cube on Saturday, September 28 at 8pm. Tickets are $50 per person.

Bookings: 4625 0000.