Ambarvale man secures $155,000 Keno win

An Ambarvale man plans to spoil his family after winning more than $150,000 in Sunday's Keno draw.

The man held a Keno Mega Millions 8 spot winning entry in game number 621 on Sunday, July 21 that netted him $155,902.80.

He purchased the entry at Ambarvale Tavern.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he watched the draw with his wife on their iPad.

"My wife was cooking dinner and I was sitting down watching the draw when I saw our numbers come up," he said.

"I was so excited and my wife had a few tears.

"We feel pretty lucky and very fortunate."

The man said he had played the Keno for a long time and had his favourite numbers.

"I'm glad they delivered a win," he said.

The man said he planned to enjoy his prize and spoil his family.

"We had dinner last night to talk about what we were going to do with it, so we have a few ideas now," he said.

"We will put some of it towards our daughter's university fees and we will get a new car.

"We will probably go on a holiday to celebrate as well."

Ambarvale Tavernduty manager Ashleigh Greeks said the team was happy to help make one of their customers become a Keno 8 spot winner.

"It's amazing. It's the biggest win we've ever had," she said.

"When it came up on screen yesterday everyone was hoping it was them/

"There was such a buzz here yesterday.

"We're very happy for him and hope he enjoys his prize. Hopefully we will sell another big Keno prize soon."