Adventure playground equipment set to be built in Wollondilly shire

Gone are the days of the slippery dip and swingset - Wollondilly will soon be home to more adventurous play equipment.

Wollondilly councillor Michael Banasik raised a motion at this week's council meeting asking for more modern playground equipment to be built in the shire.

All councillors supported his idea.

"People don't want swings or slippery dips anymore - they want to do more exciting things," Cr Banasik said.

"We need to get young people off their iPads and out in the sun.

"Adventure style equipment is one of the best ways we can do that."

Cr Banasik first spotted large flying foxes on a visit to Bulli Beach recently.

"Obviously our shire is huge so it couldn't be at every playground but maybe at one of our larger parks such as Warragamba, Appin or the botanic gardens in Picton," he said.

"It would be a great tourism drawcard for locals to visit different towns and even people from outside the area."

Wollondilly Council is currently in the process of reviewing the region's playground equipment.

"It would be good to see if we could have a giant flying fox and some other adventure-style equipment built here," Cr Banasik said.

"It might be good if the Wilton developers decided to build one down there - it would be a good drawcard."

Cr Banasik said large playgrounds in Mount Annan, Gregory Hills and Spring Farm were extremely popular.

"People have to travel outside of the shire to visit Camden's playgrounds," he said.

"It would be great to have one here.

"Not only so that people don't have to travel outside of the shire but it could also benefit our towns.

"People will come and play and then hopefully support local businesses."

Councillor Blair Briggs commended Cr Banasik for his idea.

"People seem to want that element of risk now," he said.

"They want a full kinetic experience."