Narellan actress ready to make her mark on the world

From her first appearance on stage as a king in a Sackville Street Public School play, Kya Stewart knew acting was her passion.

The Narellan resident is about to make her first international film appearance in science-fiction thriller Risen.

The film is written and directed by Sydney-based filmmaker Eddie Arya and Ms Stewart said she was thrilled to take part.

"I play a military official involved in an alien landing," she said.

"My character is American, she's a supporting character.

"It was such a great opportunity to be involved in this, Eddie's done a really great job and has so much passion for this film."

Ms Stewart said she filmed had filmed some scenes in Canberra and would be filming her final scenes in a few weeks time.

Risen was also partly shot in the US and co-stars Saw actor Tobin Bell and 21 Jump Street TV cast member Richard Greico.

Ms Stewart she pursued acting at Macquarie Fields High School productions before taking acting classes and learning to grow her craft.

She hopes Risen is the first of many international film and TV roles.

She's made appearances in several local productions and is currently in pre-production for her own film.

"I've co-written a psychological thriller which I'll star in called Cognition," Ms Stewart said.

"We're just looking to secure funding at the moment and then we can start making the film."

Ms Stewart said it was important for people chasing their acting dreams to learn as much as possible and take every opportunity available.

"You have to work hard and be prepared to create opportunities for yourself as well," she said.

"If you're passionate about it, you can do it."

Ms Stewart said she there were plenty of actresses who inspired her.

"When it comes to Australian actresses I really admire Abbie Cornish, she did such a great job in Candy," she said.

"And you can't go past Cate Blanchett, she's amazing.

"Internationally I'm also a really big fan of the strong, young women like Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence."

The release date has not yet been announced for Risen but Ms Stewart is looking forward to attending a premiere event.