Macarthur paediatric patients become superheroes

Forget Iron Man and Thor - real superheroes can be found in the paediatric unit of Campbelltown Hospital.

Kids at the hospital can receive special tee shirt with a cape to help their muster the courage to go through their treatment.

The 'Super Tees' were supplied by the Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation following a grant from Camden Council.

The charity donated 163 of the special shirts to the hospital but they're hoping to increase that number by acquiring additional grants.

Kids of Macarthur chief executive Denise McGrath said she was thrilled with the reception the tees had received.

"We've had families come over to our office and thank us for providing the Super Tees," she said.

"They just give the kids that extra bit of bravery during their hospital stay.

"They love running around with their capes, being superheroes."

Ms McGrath said the Super Tees were designed with various access points for doctors to treat the children.

They include shoulder studs to bypass breathing masks, allow for intravenous lines, ECG monitors and central lines and are MRI and x-ray compatible.

The children receive their Super Tees in a metal box complete with a comic book, selection of stickers and a note for their parents.

Ms McGrath said the foundation routinely provided lots of key medical equipment to the paediatric unit which proved to be invaluable, but the Super Tees brought a special kind of joy.

"The Super Tees are a whole different level of donation for us," she said.

"It's really wonderful to see the kids in their capes, feeling courageous."

Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation welcomes any support from the community.

If you're interested in helping out, email