St Patrick's College honours Australia's service women

Students paraded as wartime nurses at the opening of a heritage display at St Patrick's College this week.

The school's history club created the exhibition after months of research into local servicewomen.

The big crowd at Wednesday's ceremony included MPs Greg Warren and Michael Freelander, local historians, RSL representatives, and 103-year-old WWII veteran Bert Collins.

Macarthur MP Dr Freelander said he was particularly touched because his mother-in-law, Nea Chambers - a WWII nurse - was also showcased by the students, with a special doll made to represent her.

Elwyn Spencer of Campbelltown RSL Sub-Branch has praised the efforts of history teacher Fran Musico-Rullo who guided the project and organised for the students to march in vintage uniforms as a very popular Anzac Day tribute in Campbelltown.

The RSL lent authentic WWII and Vietnam War era uniforms, while the WWI uniforms were hand-made by Lucette Zapirain, the mother of Year 7 students Laura and Bronwyn.

Principal Sue Lennox welcomed guests, while students spoke about each of the nurses they had studied.

History club members also lay wreaths for war veterans who have memorial stones in the Methodist cemetery next to the Catholic girls' collage.

"St Patrick's believes by teaching our girls the importance of commemoration, they will pass it on to the next generation and ensure that the price of peace is never taken for granted," Mrs Musico-Rullo said.

The history club, founded in 2017, has a membership of nearly 100 students who meet at lunchtime once a week.