Catch one of theatre's most famous productions at Campbelltown

There are few productions as widely studied and revered as Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

The almost 70-year-old play is a dramatised and fictionalised retelling of the Salem Witch Trials, and how a lie can grow out of control.

Campbelltown Theatre Group is staging a production of The Crucible and has experienced a huge swell of community support.

Lead actor John Burdon - who plays John Proctor - said the interest in the show was "phenomenal".

"We've had about 500 seats pre-sold, which is about 25 per cent capacity in advance," he said.

"The Crucible is a HSC text so we think a lot of that interest has been driven by students as well."

Burdon said the last time Campbelltown Town Hall Theatre held a production of The Crucible was in 1995, when it was staged by the Campbelltown Theatre Group's youth production.

He said this was a fantastic opportunity to see the show with an adult cast.

"This is one of the most studied, beloved pieces of theatre on the history of stage productions," Burdon said.

"It is an actor's dream come true to play John Proctor.

"I was lucky enough to play Don Lockwood in our production of Singin in the Rain earlier this year, so to play two of these iconic roles in one year has been a pretty amazing experience."

Burdon said costume and set designer Angela Cascarino had put in a lot of work to ensure the staging and look of the play was top quality.

He said there would also be an atmospheric soundtrack to help ground the show in the time and place of Salem, Massachusetts during the 1692 witch trials.

"Angela has really tried to capture the smells, sounds, the essence of the time and that judge adds to the audience immersion in the story," he said.

The Crucible has a cast of 20 people, a mix of veteran and first-time actors.

Director Brendan Raymond said he was excited to helm the stage for the first time.

"It's been my dream play to direct for a few years now, and I'm still pinching myself that I get this chance," he said.

There will be nine stagings of The Crucible between Friday, June 21 and Saturday, July 6.

Tickets are $30 concession, $35 adults.