Fatal Elderslie house fire: body still to be identified

An Elderslie street remains taped off nearly 36 hours after a badly burned and yet-to-be formally identified body was discovered at the site of a "suspicious" house fire.

A body was found after Macarthur firefighters extinguished a blaze at the Crank Place home about 11.40pm on Saturday, June 1.

Police believe the fire was deliberately lit in a targeted attack.

Camden Police Area Command crime manager Shane Woolbank told the Advertiser that the body had yet to be formally identified due to the severity of the burns.

Detective Chief Inspector Woolbank said an autopsy on the body was scheduled to take place tomorrow (June 4).

He said Camden police were still "running our inquiries" and no arrest had been made at this stage.

"We have a number of [investigation] leads and the crime scene will remain active," he said.

Neighbouring residents were shocked by Saturday night's incident.

Geraldine Liemich was preparing to sleep when her children ran into her room to say they heard people arguing in a nearby home.

"I heard a lot of yelling and screaming. It was so loud that it felt like it was in our backyard," she said.

"There was then a bang, [like] an explosion, before I heard a male voice say 'he's dead, he's dead'."

Another neighbour, Fiona Muscat, said she was watching a movie with her daughter when she heard people arguing.

"I heard a lot of voices yelling at each other and at first I thought it was part of the movie," she said.

"I then heard a loud bang and a car screeched out of the street, before I heard a lady screaming 'no, no, no'.

"We felt afraid."

NSW Fire Inspector Andrew Ticehurst said fire crews who arrived on Saturday night and found a fire in the front section of the Crank Place house.

"Firefighters immediately began attacking the fire and searching the house for the occupants," he said.

Six people were found inside the home. They were all taken to hospital, along with two police officers, for smoke inhalation.