Large poultry farm proposed in Pheasants Nest

A poultry farm housing 315,000 chickens could soon call Mockingbird Road, Pheasants Nest home.

The development application for the large chicken farm was presented to the Wollondilly Local Planning Panel last night (May 30).

Plans for the $6.5 million project include seven poultry sheds housing 45,000 chickens each, a machinery shed, a litter shed, a composting shed, a workers amenity building, two earth dams and associated infrastructure.

The 16-hectare property is currently used for market gardening.

Wollondilly Council staff have recommended the poultry farm be approved.

However concerned residents from nine neighbouring properties made submissions against the proposal.

Residents said noise, smell and waste management were some of their biggest issues with the site.

People also raise concerns with traffic management stating that the roads were not suitable for numerous truck movements.

Some nearby farmers raised concerns about biosecurity threats to their animals.

However a NSW Department of Primary Industries spokesman said the concerns were unfounded.

"We cannot therefore assert that the proposed development would empirically increase a biosecurity risk to the existing breeder farms," he said.

"Further, it appears from aerial imagery that the proposed development is surrounded by substantial vegetation which would mitigate some risks of bio aerosols moving from the proposed development."

Wollondilly Council planning director Toni Averay said the panel had not yet released its decision on the proposal.

"The panel had a lengthy discussion about the proposal," she said.

"The decision is still being finalised and will be available on the council website by Wednesday next week."