Wayback Wednesday: Ivan Milat was arrested 25 years ago today

Ivan Milat is one of Australia's most prolific serial killers.

The former Eagle Vale resident was arrested after the murder of seven backpackers 25 years ago today (May 22, 1994).

The bodies of Caroline Clarke, Joanne Walters, Simone Schmidl, Anja Habschied, Gabor Neugebauer, James Gibson and Deborah Everist were found in Belanglo State Forest.

One of the seven murdered backpackers found in the forest had been decapitated, another had been shot six times in the back of the head and at least one other had been sexually assaulted.

Ivan Milat in his cowboy suit.

Ivan Milat in his cowboy suit.

It is widely believed there are more victims whose bodies have never been found.

Milat was arrested on May 22, 1994 at his home on Cinnabar Street in a dramatic dawn raid.

In July 1996, he was sentenced to several consecutive life sentences for the murders and served out most of his prison term at Goulburn Supermax Jail.

Milat has no chance of parole.

Ivan Milat's first adult prison sheet in 1964.

Ivan Milat's first adult prison sheet in 1964.

The notorious serial killer was diagnosed with terminal cancer last week.

He said he was "very confident that he will go to heaven one day".

Two weeks ago Milat wrote a letter to long-term pen pal, author and criminologist Amanda Howard discussing his potential diagnosis and his Catholic beliefs.

Milat was taken from Goulburn's Supermax Jail to the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick last Monday for a battery of medical tests.

He was then diagnosed with oesophagus and stomach cancer.

Milat's nephew, Alistair Shipsey, says his uncle's condition is "very bad".

"I've been informed he's only got a couple of weeks to live," Mr Shipsey told Ten News last Thursday.

Milat - who's reportedly lost 20 kilograms in recent weeks - hasn't been able to eat or keep food down.

"So to me they've known for months - why didn't they treat it?" his nephew said, adding he wanted to visit his uncle - whom he believes is innocent - "before he dies".

"He's one of my favourite uncles," Mr Shipsey said.

Milat is being held in a secure annex of Randwick Hospital and is expected to stay there for a number of days.

The prolific serial murderer is expected to be moved to the hospital inside Long Bay jail at Malabar rather than returning to Goulburn Supermax, where he has served most of his time behind bars.

Milat has never confessed to any of the crimes and Mr Shipsey said no deathbed confession would be forthcoming.