Greyhound Rescue adoptions on the rise in Macarthur

Are you looking for the paw-fect companion?

If you have ever considered pet adoption, now is the ideal time as Sydney Greyhound Rescue has launched "Adopt-A-Greyhound Month" during April.

The Camden-based rescue organisation has enjoyed a strong start to 2019, with a 55 per cent increase in adoptions over the first three months.

Fifty-two dogs have found permanent homes since January.

However, there are plenty more greyhounds who need your support - including long-term residents Axel and Zephyr.

Axel and Zephyr have both waited at Sydney Greyhound Rescue for over a year.

Greyhound Rescue spokeswoman Fiona Chisholm said Axel, eight, was a "very loving and playful" dog.

"Axel is easy going, a sweet boy and he is good with other dogs," she said.

"He is in desperate need of adoption or fostering."

Ms Chisholm said five-year-old Zephyr needed a quiet and relaxed home environment.

"It often comes down to how they were raised and Zephyr was not socialised with other dogs while he was young," she said.

"He needs to be walked in non-peak times because it reduces the chance of him being uncomfortable around other dogs.

"Zephyr and Axel are both lovely dogs. They both need owners that are around [home] a lot."

Greyhound Rescue moved from Sydney to Camden in early 2018.

Ms Chisholm said the community's awareness of the organisation had grown over the past 12 months and she was delighted to see a rise in greyhound adoptions.

"Our awareness is slowly increasing, but we still to keep educating people about greyhounds wearing muzzles," she said.

"Just because a greyhound wears one, it doesn't mean it is aggressive.

"Greyhounds are one of the most gentle, easygoing dogs. They are actually couch potatoes."

Ms Chisholm thanked Sydney Greyhound Rescue's volunteers for their support but said the organisation needed more help.

"We have new volunteers from the local area who have been welcomed with open arms. The support has been fantastic," she said.

"But we need more volunteers, particularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays."

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer with Greyhound Rescue, visit and fill out a volunteer application form.