All you need to know about the Campbelltown candidates

Greg Warren (clockwise from main), Matthew Stellino, James Gent, Martin O'Sullivan, Jayden Rivera, Riley Munro and Michael Clark.
Greg Warren (clockwise from main), Matthew Stellino, James Gent, Martin O'Sullivan, Jayden Rivera, Riley Munro and Michael Clark.

Seven candidates are vying to be placed in the top spot on your ballot paper this Saturday, March 23.

Labor incumbent Greg Warren is Sportsbet's near-unbackable favourite to retain the seat, with odds of $1.01, while Animal Justice Party candidate Matthew Stellino is the least likely to win the seat with odds of $101.

Greg Warren - Labor (incumbent)

Greg Warren has held the Campbelltown seat since 2015, when he unseated Liberal MP Bryan Doyle by with a 7.3 per cent margin.

The Mount Annan resident has consistently campaigned for improved infrastructure in the Campbelltown electorate, including increased parking at Campbelltown station. He has also committed to protecting the region's koalas.

The 45-year-old is a former Infantry and Transport soldier and Non Commissioned Officer with the Australian army.

"It is an honour and a privilege to represent our community, and I am committed to ensuring our needs and concerns are being heard and listened to. What matters most to me is what matters most to you."

Mr Warren is the $1.01 favourite to win the seat.

Riley Munro - Liberal

The Coalition has put their faith behind 24-year-old Ingleburn resident Riley Munro to win the hearts of Campbelltown voters.

Despite his youth, Mr Munro has more political experience than most of his fellow candidates, running (unsuccessfully) in the 2016 Campbelltown Council elections and working with former MP Bryan Doyle, former Werriwa MP Laurie Ferguson and former Macarthur MP Russell Matheson.

The disability support worker said he was sick of "sitting on the sidelines" and wanted to make a real impact in his community through his candidacy.

"I want my candidacy to show fellow members of the community that you can get involved in the political process and that you can make a real change," he said.

Mr Munro said a Coalition government would ensure Campbelltown received the infrastructure it deserved.

He is paying $14 to steal the seat from Greg Warren, according to Sportsbet.

Jayden Rivera - Greens

Another young candidate, Greens selection Jayden Rivera is just 25 years old.

The Menangle Park resident believes the protection of koalas is one of the biggest issues in the Campbelltown electorate. He said plans to erect wire fencing to prevent koalas crossing Appin Road was a terrible idea.

"It's not going to fix anything. We need overpasses and underpasses."

The fast food manager is also campaigning for free education (especially in the medical sector) and affordable housing.

He is a firm supporter of the call to legalise voluntary assisted dying - something he thought about a lot as he watched his mother slowly die of a terminal illness.

Sportsbet has Mr Rivera at $16 odds to win the Campbelltown seat.

Michael Clark - Sustainable Australia

Michael Clark thinks Campbelltown is shouldering more than its fair share of development and will not cope into the future.

The 57-year-old Austral resident is Sustainable Australia's candidate this election and he believes voters are just as concerned with overdevelopment - and the resulting destruction of wildlife habitat - as he is.

The recent retiree believes locals should have more of a say when it comes to important planning decisions.

"We want better planning to stop overdevelopment," he said. "Real planning power should be returned to local communities. Essential community infrastructure - such as schools, hospitals, roads and public transport - should be in place before, not after, housing developments are approved."

Mr Clark is paying $51 to win the Campbelltown seat.

Martin O'Sullivan - Keep Sydney Open

The new Keep Sydney Open party (which bases its campaign on reversing "dumb" lock-out laws) selected Redfern "community and social consultant" Martin O'Sullivan as its pick for the Campbelltown seat.

Mr O'Sullivan was "born, bred and education" in Campbelltown.

Despite his lack of local policies or campaign issues, he said he felt an affinity with the electorate.

"Family, neighbourhood and the small businesses all mean something to me."

Mr O'Sullivan drew first place on the Campbellown ballot.

He has $61 odds to win the seat, according to Sportsbet.

James Gent - Christian Democrats

James Gent joined the Christian Democrat Party because he felt disillusioned with the policies of the the big two parties - something he thinks Campbelltown voters can relate to.

The rail safety officer started his political career with the Labor Party before joining the Liberals and then the CDP. The 49-year-old Kingswood resident wants to be a voice for single parents, small business owners and people in social housing.

"Easing the financial burden on those in housing commission is something I'm passionate about."

Mr Gent is also concerned about Campbelltown's overdevelopment, but doesn't feel koala protection is a "high priority".

Sportsbet has Mr Gent at $71 to win the election.

Matthew Stellino - Animal Justice Party

Former soldier Matthew Stellino is the final candidate for Campbelltown.

The 32-year-old Campbelltown resident feels passionately about the protection of local wildlife.

"Our biggest issue is balancing the need for development to house our population growth with the damage we can cause our unique flora and fauna through poor planning and encroaching into green space," the industrial machine installer said.

He also wants to see national park status given to the land either side of the Georges River to protect it from development.

He is the least likely to win the seat according to Sportsbet, with $101 odds.