Macquarie Fields Greens candidate wants to 'protect the vulnerable'

Stephen Eagar-Deitz. Picture: NSW Greens
Stephen Eagar-Deitz. Picture: NSW Greens

Free education, affordable housing and reducing violence against women form the core of Stephen Eagar-Deitz's campaign for the seat of Macquarie Fields.

The Currans Hill resident is the Greens candidate for the northern Campbelltown seat, and he wants to make "certain we protect those who are vulnerable within the greater community".

Mr Eagar-Deitz, who is in his 30s, has served in various levels of law enforcement. He has been an arson investigator, risk manager and private investigator.

He believes the biggest problem in Macquarie Fields is housing affordability, renters' rights and transport.

"I strongly believe the NSW government needs to ensure equality when distributing funds throughout various communities, to ensure the people of Macquarie Fields have transport and education which is free or at a reduced cost," he said.

"[This will] ensure community members are gainfully employed in their chosen field of study.

"Another issue is violence against women, which I believe is an issue spanning across a myriad of electorates.

"I strongly believe the people of NSW and Macquarie Fields need to band together to make a safer, better and productive community which promotes the old motto 'love thy neighbour' - looking out for one another, providing a safe and durable community setting."

Mr Eagar-Deitz believes he is worthy of votes because he is a "strong supporter of rewarding people for their good work and achievements".

"I'm willing to listen and take directions off others who want a change for the better," he said.

"I am a strong advocate for asking the people what they want, providing their wishes in return.

"I have confidence in the people of both Macquarie Fields and NSW and hope we can let the people decide what they want, making a better NSW for all Australians.

"I want to ensure your voice is heard, as a valued member of the community, seeking praise for the hard work each and every person does."

The NSW state election will be held on March 23.