Young Keep Sydney Open candidate promises 'new approach' to politics

Keep Sydney Open candidate Scott Singh.
Keep Sydney Open candidate Scott Singh.

Scott Singh thinks people should vote for him because he's "not a politician".

The 26-year-old from Glenfield is running for the Macquarie Fields seat in next weekend's state election.

He is part of a brand new political party called Keep Sydney Open, whose priorities include concerns around Sydney's nightlife, culture and transport, and looking to reinvigorate the state's drug policy.

The communications worker said public transport was one of the key issues of his campaign.

"I think the lack of 24-hour transport is a real issue," Mr Singh said.

"Not only for people who want to enjoy Sydney's nightlife but also those who depend on it as a source of income. It's quite telling of the current government's outlook on non-conventional work hours when there is no proper infrastructure to support these people.

"Instead of misusing public money on building stadiums or moving the Powerhouse Museum, it is important to keep the focus on the people who call this city home and how we can improve the standard of living here."

Mr Singh said Keep Sydney Open was far from a standard political party and wanted to do things differently.

"I, like my party, am open to new ideas and will promote an approach where people are inspired to do what they can, instead of constantly being told what they cannot do," he said.

"We will take this approach on cultural, social, public planning and environmental issues that affect the state and, for me, Macquarie Fields." 

Mr Singh will appear in the top spot on the ballot papers next weekend.

He encouraged everyone to make their voices heard on their ballot papers come March 23.

"An engaged community that acts is more likely to get the government they deserve."