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Expressing your love on Valentine’s Day can be a subtle or OTT affair, depending on your romantic persuasion. Here are some fun, heartfelt gift ideas to help celebrate February 14.

10ct gold stacker rings, $189-$449 each. A beautiful trio of rings that have been reduced in price until February 14, as part of Michael Hill’s Valentine’s Day promotion.

Gold martini glass, $87. Fill it with bubbly and toast to your love.

I Love Vivier heels, $1110. What women wouldn’t love to receive these shoes this Thursday?

Cocolips in Ruby, $19.95. Pucker up with this lip gloss that’s packed with organic oils and vitamins.

Valentine's Day love donut heart balloon, $10. A fun gift to give your love if you want to acknowledge the day simply. Accompany it with the real deal though. Available at Big W.

Saint Laurent minaudiere, $1811. At the other end of the scale is this small designer handbag, guaranteed to be swooned over.

The Hug by Eoin McLaughlin, illustrated by Polly Dunbar, $12.99. If your child is all wrapped up in the notion of Valentine’s Day, gifting a book is a lovely idea. This flipbook centres around a good old hug.

Georgia contour bra, $69.95. For some, it wouldn’t be Valentine's Day without the giving of lingerie. This bra comes with matching pants and ranges in size from 14 - 24.

Cinderose coconut and beeswax candle, $50. Quality scented candles are a wonderful present, this one a heady blend of rose, orange blossom and jasmine, combined with smoke, cedar, and birch tar.

The Fan Fave, $99.95. Stuck for ideas? Why not give the gift of lotions and potions.

Zoe Karssen T-shirt, $93. Instead of just thinking it, why not say it on a T-shirt?!

Halo Top, $10. Indulge your sweetheart with ice cream that’s not too sweet. Ranging from between 280 - 360 calories for the entire tub, it’s available in numerous dairy and non-dairy flavours. Available from Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets.

Cake stand, $12.95, teapot, $16.95. It’s synonymous with Mother’s and Father’s Day, but breakfast (or high tea) in bed is a loving gesture any time of the year.

Valentine’s Day card, $29.95 (set of 24 with four different cards). Pick up a pack of cards and you can send them to multiple valentines - either that, or you’ve a steady supply for quite a few years to come.