Horoscopes: week beginning February 3

ARIES: Between February 4 and March 2 Arians will be able to achieve recognition for work and contribute to a flourishing personal bank account. Personal relationships and business partnerships will provide happy moments as well as taking you places up the ladder of success. Best days are February 17-19, 22-28.

TAURUS: From February 4 until March 2 your mind will respond positively to stimuli, whether it comes via overseas contact, entertainment or work. You thoroughly enjoy these experiences. Many will travel long distances in connection with work whilst others will enjoy a vacation interstate or overseas. However, be careful on February 22-24, March 1, 2: these dates are problematic.

GEMINI: In the four weeks to March 2, you will be luckier than usual in speculation (with the exception of February 22-24, March 1, 2). Your love life stands a good chance of improving, although some problems will crop up, with particularly delightful moments on February 17-19, 22-28. You’ll need to wade into emotional depths to achieve the results you desire.

CANCER: The relationship with the love of your life will improve tremendously between February 4 and March 2, with opportunities for shared special moments, whether alone or in the company of others. These dates are also good for partnership interests, except for February 22-24, March 1, 2. Best dates include February 17-19, 22-28.

LEO: Between February 4 and March 2 you will derive greater pleasure from your work, as you enjoy a greater success cycle and achieve your objectives through communication skills and planning. Contacts with the people you meet in the course of your work will bring you benefits and friendship. Positive highlights include February 17-19, 22-28.

VIRGO: The four weeks from February 4 will produce delightful moments with a loved one or your children. Speculation and other financial interests will prove to be profitable; and there will be ample opportunity to enjoy the pleasantries of life. A long-distance holiday is in the offing for some. Make the most of February 17-19, 22-28.

LIBRA: During the four weeks to March 2 many Librans will entertain at home, redecorate, or simply enjoy their haven and the companionship of family. It is likely that an option to flex the credit card or expand borrowing capacity will be exercised, in your quest to improve your residence, property and family life. February 17-19, 22-28 are enjoyable.

SCORPIO: Until March 2 you will be able to sort out any problems that arise with neighbours and relatives, if you take a moment to choose the right words. You should also be doing more things with your partner on a daily basis, heightening your enjoyment of life. Tread warily on February 22-24, March 1, 2 but make the most of February 17-19, 22-28.

SAGITTARIUS: Until March 2 you will make more money from a variety of sources, increasing your enjoyment of work and enabling a better social life, with highlights on February 17-19, 22-28. This is a great time to make applications for a new job, second job, or approach an employer about a pay rise based upon your solid contributions as an employee.

CAPRICORN: During the coming four weeks until March 2 you will be happier with conditions in your public and private lives. Romance and children will provide many moments of pleasure, especially on February 17-19, 22-28. This is a highly profitable and successful period for businesspersons. Despite this, you still need to exercise care on February 22-24, March 1, 2.

AQUARIUS: Until March 2, life will quieten down considerably as you must make a greater effort to contribute to the well-being of others, as well as to looking after your own interests. Best days are February 17-19, 22-28. However, domestic problems and financial complications can arise during this time, most likely on February 22-24, March 1, 2.

PISCES: Between February 4 and March 2 you will be spending more time in the company of friends, with many Pisceans able to establish new friendships. You should also be lucky with money during this period, with a little extra coming your way, perhaps through a small win or second job. Highlights include February 17-19, 22-28.

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