Campbelltown Uniting Church ramps up annual Christmas pudding drive

"You know Christmas is coming when you smell the puddings."

That’s the message from project co-ordinator Michael Plummer as the Campbelltown Uniting Church puts the final touches on its annual Christmas pudding drive.

A dedicated team of volunteers has prepared more than 1200 delicious treats in the church’s kitchen. They will go on sale to the public next week.

The church has spread the festive spirit for Macarthur residents in the lead-up to each Christmas since 1982.

While he wouldn’t share the pudding’s secret recipe, Mr Plummer said church volunteers had stuck to “tried and trusted” products every year.

“We’ve had the same recipe for 36 years,” he said.

"I think people enjoy the quality of our dry fruit and we use a nice, high quality brandy.

“When the dry fruit and brandy are fermenting together, they build nice aromas and the smell is beautiful.

“It gives the puddings a traditional Christmas feel.”

Christmas pudding drive co-ordinator Michael Plummer with some of the delicious treats ready for sale. Picture: Chris Lane

Christmas pudding drive co-ordinator Michael Plummer with some of the delicious treats ready for sale. Picture: Chris Lane

Mr Plummer said preparation began in August and a pool of 20 volunteers were divided into dry and wet mix teams.

“We’ve had a dry mix team come in every second week while three wet mix teams have come into the church each week,” he said.

“It feels satisfying to be finish all of the puddings.”

Mr Plummer has helped make the special Christmas delights for 15 years and this is his second year as project co-ordinator.

He said the event was held annually to generate funds for the community.

This year, all money raised will go to Frontier Services to support church ministries in remote NSW.

Mr Plummer said the Christmas pudding drive was always popular with Macarthur residents.

“I think people love the pudding’s traditional flavour, or maybe it’s because funds raised go back into the community,” he said.

"There is still a market for people wanting a pudding for Christmas."

The traditional seasonal desserts will be on sale from Tuesday, November 20 at the Allman Street church.

Sales will take place from Tuesday to Friday each week until sold out.

The puddings will also go sale at Macarthur Square (outside ANZ Bank branch) from November 29 until mid-December.

Mr Plummer recommended residents got in early and make sure they didn’t miss out.

“Last year we sold out two weeks before Christmas,” he said.

Puddings cost $35 for 1.5kg, $25 for 1kg and $15 for 500 grams.

For more details or make an order, call the church on 4625 0783.