World’s fastest rollercoaster zip line opens at TreeTops Adventure Park

Nerves racing. Check. Palms sweaty. Check. Trying to hide my fear. Check. 

Yes, that was my mindset as I prepared to tackle the latest attraction at the TreeTops Adventure Park which is nestled in the Western Sydney Parklands at Abbotsbury.

The TreeTop Crazy Rider Xpress is dubbed as the world’s fastest rollercoaster zip line with thrill-seekers able to reach speeds of 50km/h.

I’m told riders can reach up to 2.3 G-forces. Apparently, astronauts experience approximately 3 G-force when launching from earth. 

All of a sudden I felt like the crazy one.

After a safety briefing, I make the walk to the start of Xpress carrying my gear in hand.

I’m harnessed and placed on a pipe-based track which is attached to trees through a system of wires.

On the way our guide tells me the fastest time so far is 55 seconds and to lay straight to get more speed. In my head, I just want to finish. 

I take a quick glance (and I mean super quick) at the beautiful bushland before focusing on the task ahead.

After a quick pep talk – and remembering the promotional images of children enjoying the ride –I psych myself up to take on the rollercoaster zip line which combines the suspense and thrill of a rollercoaster with the amazing flying sensations of a zip line.

Holding it together: Fairfield Champion journalist Chris Boulous takes on the TreeTop Crazy Rider Xpress on Monday. Picture: Chris Lane

Holding it together: Fairfield Champion journalist Chris Boulous takes on the TreeTop Crazy Rider Xpress on Monday. Picture: Chris Lane

At the moment I’m combining nerves with fear.

But they’re quickly erased as I start the descent with my hands firmly grasping the handles.

I read the half-kilometre ride featured “two adrenalin-pumping 360-degree loops, a stomach-churning drop and many twists and turns”.

I felt them all. At the beginning I dreaded the thought of them. By the end, I was anticipating them and enjoying every movement, including the “crumpet” section of the course.

The Xpress uses a new harness and pulley system – designed by Australian innovators and Ecoline and TreeTops owners Sandrine Gaymard and Fred Galimard – to increase the speed of the ride.   

TreeTops general manager, Sandrine Gaymard said since they opened their first adventure park, one thing was clear: “Zip lines are everyone’s favourites – and the faster it is the better.

“As a result, we developed the Crazy Rider – a zip line that didn’t just go straight, but around trees, up and down, and even with 360-degree loops to really ramp up the fun factor,” he said.

“This ride not only provides plenty of thrills as you weave your way through the trees but it also provides a new perspective for people to observe the beauty of the Australian bushland.”

I’ll have to take another ride to fully appreciate the beauty. Although, the view from the ground is pretty good, too.

TreeTop Crazy Rider Xpress

  • It’s the third and fastest rollercoaster zip line to be built at a TreeTops park.
  • In 2017, Ecoline set about planning to build the world’s fastest rollercoaster zip line.
  • Riders of the Xpress need to be more than 25 kilograms and less than 120 kilograms. 
  • Pricing for the Crazy Rider Xpress: Adults (18-plus): $35. Youth (up to 17): $25. 
  • Details: