Inaugural FEAST Campbelltown festival draws a hungry crowd | photos

Minto was awash with delightful tastes and smells at the weekend for the inaugural FEAST Campbelltown festival.

The culinary event was held at Redfern Park on Saturday afternoon and saw hundreds of locals stop by for a bite of food and some multicultural entertainment.

Campbelltown mayor George Brticevic said he hoped to see the event held every year.

“There is lots of potential,” he said.

“This is the first one for Minto and this park has been underutilised in the past.

“It’s a great facility right in the middle of suburbia.

“When the lights and music are going, the locals can come here for a feed and not worry about cooking.”

The event saw a host of mobile food vendors sell their dishes, while several performers kept guests entertained on stage.

Cr Brticevic said FEAST was a great way to further the revitalisation of Minto.

“It’s something new for Minto,” he said.

“There are many events that are for Campbelltown or Ingleburn, so to have something in Minto is great.

“Minto is a multicultural area with an Indigenous influence, Polynesian, Middle Eastern and European influence.

“From what Minto was 15-20 years ago to what it is now has been a brilliant transformation.

“Now we have FEAST, which is a great event with the mixture of dance and tasty food from around the world.”

FEAST Campbelltown was introduced to replace the declining Riverfest event on Campbelltown Council’s calendar.