Denham Court Anglican Church celebrates 180th birthday

As the face of Denham Court continues to evolve each year, one beautiful building has stood the test of time.

Parishioners at Denham Court Anglican Church celebrated the historic building’s 180th birthday on Sunday.

Minister Nigel Webb said the church had served its community well for almost 200 years.

“It has been a constant place where people have been able to connect with God,” he said. “It has always been very welcoming to the people of the community and a constant physical presence in the area.”

Mr Webb said the the quaint church was “aesthetically pleasing” and provided a wonderful environment for worship.

Denham Court Anglican Church was built in 1938, and originally served as a private chapel to honour Richard and Christina Brooks.

Mr Brooks was a convict ship captain who was gifted the Denham Court estate by deputy judge advocate Richard Atkins.

Mr Webb said the church had been renovated and altered over the years.

“The stained glass windows were put in in the 20th century and some of the wooden pews were later additions,” he said.

“There were some more renovations in the 1990s.”

Mr Webb, who has served as minister at the church for 11 years, said the growth in Campbelltown’s north in recent years had bolstered Denham Court Anglican Church’s numbers.

“There has been a slow but steady increase in parishioners,” he said. “Everyone is welcome to come along and join us every week.”