2018 Chefs Table bronze medal capture for Macarthur chefs: Photos

Two Macarthur chefs have shown an impressive ability to think quick on their feet.

Luke Risby and Guy Billiterri overcame hot competition to secure bronze at the prestigious Chefs Table competition at Ryde TAFE campus.

More than 40 Clubs NSW teams took part in Chefs Table which featured a “mystery box” challenge.

Fans of the popular TV series Masterchef would be all too familiar with this term.

A mystery box challenge surprises participants with a box of ingredients which they have to use to cook an amazing meal.

Representing Country Club Gledswood Hills, Mr Risby and Mr Billiterri were given the task of cooking three dishes as a team using pork brisket, hanger steak, beetroot, raspberry, gnocchi mushroom, zucchini flower, cream, butter, shallots and kipfler potatoes.

Mr Risby said the pair quickly thought up a three-course menu.

“We had a couple of ideas in our heads straight away,” he said.

“We were not nervous because all ingredients were familiar to us.”

Mr Risby and Mr Billiterri made an impeccable start when they blew away the judges with their entree – pork, rhubarb and fennel ravioli with celeriac puree, zucchini flower and sage butter.

“We received perfect scores for our entree,” Mr Risby said.

“We were the only team to achieve that result.”

Mr Risby and Mr Billiterri’s main dish was hanger steak with shallot puree, beetroot, kipfler potatoes, gnocchi mushroom and butter jus.

Their dessert consisted of brown sugar panna cotta, chocolate soil, beetroot tuile, Italian meringue and raspberry consomme.

Mr Risby, who is head chef at Country Club Gledswood Hills, said he was delighted to finish third.

“It was outstanding to get bronze,” he said. “We felt great.”

Mr Risby said it was the second time he and Mr Billiterri had competed at Chefs Table.

“We entered last year and had a ball doing it,” he said.

“It was a good learning curve because I think our dishes were too complicated.

“We tried to keep it simple this year.”

Mr Risby said he had worked with Mr Billiterri for the past five years at the club.

“Guy is my right-hand man,” he said. “He deserves a lot of credit because he works so hard.

“We work well together because we have the same sense of humour and have similar goals.

“We want too make the best food possible and change people’s attitudes about club food.

“We want to make it more like a restaurant experience.”

Wests Group Macarthur own and operate Country Club Gledswood Hill.

Details: 9606 5301.