Alleged black panther spotting near the Coxs River | Video

CAT OR BEAST: A still from the footage taken by Belinda Baker. Picture: BELINDA BAKER.
CAT OR BEAST: A still from the footage taken by Belinda Baker. Picture: BELINDA BAKER.


A local family has contacted the Gazette identifying the mysterious beast: It’s their family pet, Toby. 

“Sorry to disappoint everyone, but this is my cat Toby. He has never been a panther. He is a domestic cat, black in colour, larger than usual, but not panther size. This is my paddock. He likes to visit the neighbours, and has done for the last 14 years. This is great, what a laugh we've had,” Dannielle Donlan commented on the Facebook post.

The humour of the situation wore thin on the family, however, as the videos gained more and more attention nationally and they had concerns more people would try to come and gain pictures or perhaps hunt the panther. 


There has been a purported panther sighting in the Blue Mountains with Belinda Baker uploading footage to Facebook on the weekend of what she believes to be the infamous Black Panther. 

Ms Baker said she saw a creature roaming along a slope in Kanimbla on Monday afternoon, June 11, “Not far from the Coxs River”. 

What do you think? 

“We watched it walking around for about half an hour. It was huge!” Ms Baker wrote in a post on Facebook. 

The illusive feline has kept residents entertained for decades with sightings across Macarthur, Penrith and the Illawarra, right up to the Hills district.

Numerous sightings of a black panther in Macarthur have been reported over the years from Orangeville to Narellan to Airds.

The last reported sighting in the Macarthur was in 2015, when a woman spotted a large cat-like creature on Werombi Road, Werombi.

In 2013 a Leumeah man walking near Ruse also reported seeing a strange black cat.

The panther has also been spotted in Appin, Nattai, Ingleburn, Cobbitty, Greendale and Bargo.

Many rumours about where the big cat came from have spread over the years.

Some locals believe several panthers escaped from Bullen’s Animal World in Wallacia or the African Lion Safari in Warragamba.

Most animal experts believe the reported sightings are just a large feral cat. 

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