Aurora Australis puts on a show across Tasmania

Aurora Australis enthusiasts spent Friday evening and into the night gazing at and photographing the dancing lights.

Mark Walsh, who manages the Discovery Holiday Park at Cradle Mountain with his wife Claire, said it was one of the best displays he had ever witnessed.

“It was exhilarating to capture it on my camera,” he said.

Mr Walsh said he knew he wanted to be at Lake Lilla to photograph the display, because he had never seen it done from there before.

“I have an Aurora alert app on my phone and it gave me a warning yesterday afternoon, so I decided to check my camera gear and charge my batteries and headed out approximately 6.45pm.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing several Auroras here at Cradle, having worked up here for just on 10 years.

“After a test shot down at the edge of Dove Lake and seeing colour on the back of my camera, I went to the boat shed and took several photos and then headed down to Lake Lilla.”

Mr Walsh spent about 90 minutes photographing and watching the Aurora.

“It was a fantastic night to be out and the weather conditions at Cradle were superb, hence the number of other photographers who were there to capture the display.

“I came away with a great sense of happiness.”

According to the Bureau of Meteorology space weather service auroras may be visible again on Saturday night, with geomagnetic activity expected. 

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